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Change LAN TCP/IP settings.

By wreinke67 ·
I tried to change from a set IP address setting to auto detect on my notebook but when I try and close the computer loks up and saays there was no response. I cannot get on the net without changing this because it is set for the network in the office. Any ideas?

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by Sardukkan In reply to Change LAN TCP/IP setting ...

How bout some more info? You've got the currect Fixed ip to get to the network in the office? You want to take this home or to another location and have the Auto obtain and IP for a DHCP server at the <Other> site your at? When you close the notebook afte changing it locks up?

1. What operating sys are you running? Xp Win2k?
2. If you open a cmd window and type ipconfig /all what do you see for a IP? IS it something like 169.254.x.x?
3. How do you log into the system when away from the office network?

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by master3bs In reply to Change LAN TCP/IP setting ...

There's no reason changing to a dynamic IP address should lock up your computer.

Having said that; try applying the changes before closing out the properties. Even if it freezes, the computer should remember the settings. Also, remove anything in the net stack that you don't need

You most likely need
- Client for Microsoft Networks
- A network Adapter
- possibly dialup adapter and file & printer sharing

It depends on your network setup.

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by rickrbyrne In reply to Change LAN TCP/IP setting ...


You also might want to make sure that you are using the lastest drivers for your Network Adapter. You will be able to find this information at the Manufactors Website, compare the driver information from the device manager with the driver listed on the Manufactors website to see if it is a newer version than what you have.

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by CG IT In reply to Change LAN TCP/IP setting ...

try different hardware profiles. One for at the office. one for at home.

here's a link to a MS KB on XP hardware profiles for laptops.;en-us;308577

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by CG IT In reply to

this is especially useful if you use a wireless NIC and a built in NIC. you can disable the built-in when away from work and use the wireless or vice versa.

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by Aggy In reply to Change LAN TCP/IP setting ...

Once you have ruled out that its not your Network Adapter that is causing the problem, try creating 2 hardware profiles: On the first one, set your network adapter to static ip with IP settings from your work place. The second profile, set your network adapter to connect to a DHCP server . Boot to the first profile when you're at work, boot to the second profile when you're at home (or wherever). To know more about hardware profiles, check TechNet on the microsoft website.

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by Toivo Talikka In reply to Change LAN TCP/IP setting ...

I found that the following makes it easier to change between the fixed IP address and DHCP method:

Under 'Network Connections', right click the particular network connection, e.g. Local Area Connection 2.

Select 'Disable'.

Make the changes to the properties of the connection, including TCP/IP and click OK.

Plug in the flylead, right click the LAN connection and select 'Enable', and the yellow information blob will pop up above the System Tray.

The above procedure has kept me out of trouble when frequently switching between the two methods.

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