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By eszuraraja ·
Is it difficult for one to change one's own career path to IT if one is not from that line. For example, is one is in Communication and aspires to be a Technical Writer for instance.

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by Bristar In reply to Change line of career

Anyone can change careers if so motivated. I recommend the following tips:

* Talk to several people currently in the field in different companies. Ask about the job, qualifications, and other information to make sure you understand what is required.

* Pick up some books on the subject and try getting some certifications in the area. You might try for a bunch of indutry certs.

* Plan to diversify yourself. Nobody wants to hire a programmer, network tech, computer tech, and technical writer if they can hire one person to do all of those. When you talk to people, ask about other job functions and what other professionals recommend you learn.

* Think of ways that your background might give you an edge in the field and exploit that as much as possible. Anyone can get an A+ and maybe a Technical Writing certification, but draw on your experience to help push you forward to give you the added advantage.

Good luck in your exploits!

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by DC_GUY In reply to Change line of career

It depends on what part of IT you want to get into. Obviously if you want to be a software developer you have to know how to program, and most companies aren't hiring beginners. The same would be true of computer operations. But most of the other areas in IT, such as project management, process improvement, QA, and perhaps even testing, do not require as much pure technical expertise. These days everyone is an IT user and has to know quite a lot about IT to get their jobs done.

Technical writing has two requirements. 1. You have to be able to understand computer technology, even if you're not familiar with it. 2. You have to be a really good writer. Forgive me for offering the opinion that based upon the writing sample you have provided in your question, I worry that you may not be a first-class writer. Two punctuation errors (missing question mark after "line" and missing comma after "Writer"; redundant syntax ("for example" and "for instance" duplicate the same thought); poor choice of vocabulary ("line" instead of "field" or "discipline"); and a typographical error ("is one" instead of "if one").

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