Change linpus linux to Win XP

By gabrielin001 ·
Hi recently I bought a new computer this is an acer aspire one d255 and the operating system is linpus linux but I want change it to Windows Xp.. help me please..
or how I could unlock the root here

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Change linux to Windows

by PoppaTab In reply to Change linpus linux to Wi ...

All you have to do is load a valid copy of Windows onto the machine. You should be able to choose to keep the linux or destroy it. My favorite is complete format on disk and load windows.

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Buy XP and Slipstream

by TheChas In reply to Change linpus linux to Wi ...

You are going to have to purchase a copy or license for XP.

Acer does list drivers for both XP Home and XP Pro.

I myself would install a new hard drive and install XP onto it. That way, you can easily revert back to Linux if you want, or if you sell the netbook in the future.

In order to install XP, you will need a USB CD/DVD drive. You might be able to copy the XP installer onto a USB drive and run from there too.

Either way, you should "slipstream" the Intel SATA driver onto the install media so you can select it. Otherwise, the XP installer may not be able to find your hard drive.

There are plenty of articles and forum posts on installing XP from a USB drive and for slipstreaming drivers onto your install disk. Search here at TR, or use your favorite search engine.

Then, install all the correct hardware drivers from the Acer page.


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Well as stated above you'll first need a Genuine License Copy of XP

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Change linpus linux to Wi ...

But you can Wipe the HDD with a Utility like Kill Disc for DOS available free here

And read the directions for Making a Floppy but instead of using a Floppy use a USB Thumb Drive.

Then you'll need a working Windows Based Computer to Slipstream the SATA Driver at the very least to the Install Media. I personally add all of the drivers but I'm lazy and don't like making extra work for myself.

You can use a Utility like nLite available free here

Just don't forget to read the Instructions on their Web Site listed under Guides here

Then when you have made the Slipstreamed ISO burn it to CD and if you have a USB CD Drive you Can use that to boot off or you can copy the Entire CD to the Root of a Thumb Drive and boot off that.

Of course if you want to return the Acer Aspire 1 to New Condition you should use a different HDD which are cheap these days but you can always buy a Recovery Set from Acer with the Linux Distro on it.

After you have Windows Installed you'll need to buy the Software that you want to run as Windows doesn't come with much in the way of Applications. You'll need a Word Processor of some kind and whatever else you want to do will most likely require Paid For Software.

Also as you have a Aspire 1 you should not consider loading anything more than XP Home onto the unit and even then you'll need to cripple most of the features in XP as these little units are not overly powerful.

They drag their feet when loaded with Windows but work quite well when loaded with Linux.

Of course if you do not use a Licensed Copy of XP Home here when M$ Catches you they will quite rightly treat you as the Pirate that you are and go after you to recover their losses.


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