Change Local Administrator Password on Multiple Machines in a 2003 Domain

By danielt17 ·
I have an issue where a mischievous employee figured out the administrator password of the local workstations. He is pretty much computer illiterate and I am more annoyed and feel security has been undermined than anything else.

This situation has brought up a rather important issue. How to change the administrator passwords on local workstations in a 2003 domain without going to each workstation individually. I heard of 3rd party tools doing this, but I'm not too keen on the idea of installing software that is not really needed.

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Use net user command

by laman In reply to Change Local Administrato ...

To change the user password using command line option, you can use "net user" command. Please have a look at

If you combine this with the at command you can run the command on different machines, e.g. at \\<machine name> <time> cmd /c net user Administrator anythingyouwant
e.g. at \\savilljohn 18:00 cmd /c net user Administrator password

The /c after cmd causes the command window to close after the command has been executed. An alternative to the at command would be the soon command:
soon \\<machine name> cmd /c net user Administrator password

For this to work you will need to ensure the Scheduler (Task Scheduler) service is running on the destination machines.

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Connect to

by clarkd038 In reply to Change Local Administrato ...

In Xp when you go to Computer-Manage you can go to tools i believe and then connect to, enter the computer and you are in their users, and can change the local admin pwd.

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by danielt17 In reply to Change Local Administrato ...

thank you for your help. much appreciated

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