Change Logo when you lock your computer WIN XP

By questing ·
I'm trying to change the logo of the small dialogue box when i press WINDOWS + L key to lock my computer. I've tried to hack into a lot of different logon files in c:\windows\system32, but can't find this one image. I would also be interested in changing the login screen. Not the one with fast user switching, this is a different screen after you join the computer to a domain.
Any pointers to the file or images would be great.
P.S. Even changing the CTRL ALT DEL screen would be nice

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by ArmoredCavalry In reply to Change Logo when you lock ...

I'm in the process of reading this thread:**38

Check out bitmap 128 with reshacker in msgina.dll under windows/system32.

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Change windows lock screen logo

by jayakrishnan_m In reply to Change Logo when you lock ...

With resource hacker open msgina.dll in system32

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by .Martin. In reply to Change windows lock scree ...


thank goodness! the world is saved!

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That solution was offered 2 years ago ! ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Change windows lock scree ...

What - did you just fancy sneeking in and plagiarising the already-offered same solution?

I won't tell - honest.

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Computer Locked text

by In reply to Change Logo when you lock ...

The text is stored in dialog in Windows\system32\msgina.dll

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