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By GKW31 ·
Guys, I've been tasked to find some best practice figures of how many changes an organisation should be seeing that are going through successfully.

We are a fairly immature company when it comes to ITIL, and we'd like to see how far on or off track we might be.

I've been googling and checking it out on here, but my search fu has failed me! :)

Anyone know of a good resource to find these sorts of figures?

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by robo_dev In reply to Change Management Figures

I hate to say 'that's an unanswerable question' but I say that it is.

The answer all depends on what 'going through successfully' means. If there is an automated change management system, EVERY change goes through successfully...whether it leaves the critical IT systems a smoking heap of molten metal is a different issue.

Typically you look at metrics such as the number of scheduled changes versus emergency changes, and the number of changes that happen during maintenance windows versus during production times.

But again, there is no 'right answer'....I would guess you look for clues, such as your downtime/availability metrics, but the number of changes can vary widely depending on what's going on.

Not sure all of the above helps or not.....

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