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Change multiple ip addresses to DHCP

By tom0567uk ·
I work in Tech support and I have recently been given the task of coverting our network comprising of NT4, win2000 and XP (over 2000 pc's from static ip addresses to DHCP. what would be the best way of attacking this? the only solution I can think of at present is Script it however I am struggling to find a script that works!!
any suggestions would be most welcome

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by hozcanhan In reply to Change multiple ip addres ...

before looking for a readymade script , I recommend that you draft a topology of your 2000 big LAN/WAN . Distributing over WAN links has its disadvantages . Set up a trategy for segmenting your network into subnets . Decide if you are going to use NAT . Will you use multi NIC cards in your servers etc. Also plan to refortify your security under the light of your new DHCP strategy . If you haven't started your AD , start configuring it now. It's just the time . good luck !

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by CG IT In reply to Change multiple ip addres ...

need more info, such as are all 2000 pcs on the same subnet? DHCP can handle 2000 pcs the problem that one runs into is that if they all shut down for the night, when they start up 2000 pcs query DHCP and that can bring the network performance to a halt. The other problem is how many servers you got and other managed devices that must have static IP addresses? Those require a reservation in DHCP as well as specifing options for them so that clients can find resources.

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Change multiple ip addres ...

i sure wonder exactly what problem this is supposed to be fixing and whose idea was this.
you realize you have been handed a network design job not a tech support scripting task, yes?
last i heard, dhcp was not best practices (anymore). due to security as mentioned.
my knee jerk is this is a bad idea. if you are running out of addresses, subnetting as mentioned is the answer.
dhcp supposed to be only for laptops and helping you get devices up so you can static address 'em.
you gonna let your printers go dhcp?
you want to call microsoft on this one. or email them.
this is look pretty good on resume.
but pretty lame if it says you converted 2000 pcs to dhcp...imho

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