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By veeay2002 ·
I Installed Windows XP Professional. I put user name as 'user' . can I change this name after the installation. I changed user accoount from control panel, still in the system properties, it is showing the same 'user'

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by senftk In reply to Change Name

In the control Panel the change username will change the username used to log in. In the system properties it show the name of the folder the profile s stored in (this does not affect the is merely a folder the profile is kept in). This folder name remains the same even if you change the username in the control panel.

If you really want to change the foldername where the profile is stored, the best way to do this is create a new user with the name of the folder you would like to have and then in the system properties you cn choose the original user/folder and use the move to option to move the profile to the new username/folder created.

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I have a similar problem

by hootiemcboobs In reply to Change Name

In the start bar at the top it has my name. IT misspelled it and it annoys the bejesus out of me. Because i'm on a domain, I don't know if I even have the ability to change this.

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Chances are

by XT John In reply to I have a similar problem

an administrator profile or account that has admin privileges will need to change that for you. Isn't there someone in IT you can tempt with donuts to come and change it for you? Probably take them all of 5 minutes:-S

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