Change OS from XP Media Center to XP Pro on Sony Vio System

By lhooq ·
I currently have a manufacturer installed copy of XP media center on my computer & need to change it to XP Pro in order to run Avid editing software. When I boot from my licensed XP Pro disk, it does not recognize the key code as being valid(which it definately is). When I contacted Sony, I was told that I can not exchange xp media center for pro on a vaio & that I was out of luck & should by a new computer (thanks guys!).
So, I have tried...
1. Using Fdisk from a windows ME boot diskette to delete the exisitng partitions (thus removing xp media center os), repartitioning & formatting, & then trying xp pro boot disk. No luck, XP pro can not recognize the dos partitions made by fdisk. Ended up having to use Sony recovery disk to get media center os back on.
2. Deleting or reformating existing partitions through windows disk management tool. Nope. Option not available.
3. Creating a new partition so that I can have dual boot. Nope. Computer is currently comfigured with one big c: partition. Can't be reduced with windows disk management tool.

Has anyone successfully gone from XP Media Center to XP Pro? There's some talk out in cyberland about how it might be done, but I havn't read a success story.

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Problem is

by Langlier In reply to Change OS from XP Media C ...

Not with the hard drive but how the hard drive is connected. Pretty sure that your new Vaio has a SATA hard drive in it. And unless you happen to find some drivers for that particular vaio to preload (press f6 when prompted by your xp pro disk) then this is a sticky situation.

Unfortunately I can't help you find the SATA drivers but I'm 80% certain this is the cause of your frustration.

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Well technically Sony is right you should have bought a different computer

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Change OS from XP Media C ...

But having said that you Can Not use the Media Centre Product Key to install the XP Pro copy you need a product Key from XP Pro to install XP Pro as these are different versions of XP and use different Product Key's.

As for shrinking down the existing partition you have several options but probably the easiest and cheapest would be to use the Partition management Tools on either the Ultimate Boot CD available for download here

Or Hiren's Boot CD available for download here

Both have partitioning tools on them and when you boot from either you can shrink down the main C Partition and then proceed to install the copy of XP Pro with it's Product Key onto the unpartitioned space and you can format up that partition without a problem using the XP Installer.

If you just want to dump MCE all together you can perform a In place Install/Upgrade by following the directions from M$ here but remember that you need a different product Key for XP Pro than what you do for MCE.

If you follow these directions you should keep most of your software working and just change the OS that drives the entire thing though there will be some software that will need to be reinstalled but most of it should remain working. You need to pay careful attention to the Virus Products and a few others but all the necessary drivers should remain from the MCE install.


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by kpc In reply to Change OS from XP Media C ...

Check the knowledge base on MS - Q292607 states that it will return the error. Been working with MS on a fix - they claim Media Center is an enhanced version of XP pro for home use.

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