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Change our way of thinking and find a brand-new solution with pdf

By jewela ·
Most of the times when we need to make use of text, images, and tables from PDF, no matter we are Mac users or Windows users, we?ll probably resort to Copy and Paste method. However, though it is a free and convenient method, we still get into knots when doing it. From the perspective of a Mac user, I list some frequent asked questions about copy and paste from PDF on Mac.

FAQ about Copy and Paste from PDF on Mac

Q1: ?Why is it that I cannot copy and paste from my PDF files??

Q2: ?Every time I do the Copy & Paste thing, the original format is totally ruined, I have to click backspace and space again to adjust the format, so I?m wondering if there?s any way to make the goal with minimum reformatting.?

Q3: ?It is a big headache that in some cases, recognizable words turn out to be mojibake when I?m trying to copy and paste things from PDF, what can I do??

Q4: ?Is there a way to move the whole table to a spreadsheet for processing rather than copy and paste each datum to each cell??

Q5: ?Every time I copy and paste things from PDF to PowerPoint, I have to manually adjust the font, do form feed and other settings, I?m especially bothered when I want to use the whole PDF for presentation. What can I do??

Disadvantages of Copy and Paste from PDF on Mac

In fact, the questions above remind us of the situations we usually come across when doing copy and paste from PDF on Mac. Here we list some major disadvantages of Copy & Paste.

1. We cannot copy and paste a protected PDF. (refer to Q1)

2. Copied content could turn out to be mojibake.(refer to Q3)

3. We need to do a repetition of Copy & Paste or loads of reformatting (refer to Q2, Q4, Q5)

Come on! Be Creative!

As creative Mac users, why not change our way of thinking and find a brand-new solution? Here comes our terminator of PDF Copy and Paste problems?AnyBizSoft PDF Converter for Mac. It is an integrated converter which efficiently conducts PDF to Word, PDF to Excel, PDF to PowerPoint, PDF to HTML, PDF to Text and PDF to EPUB assignments. Therefore, do not copy and paste any more, just CONVERT PDF to other formats! Let?s see what AnyBizSoft PDF Converter for Mac can do for us.

PDF to Word?it converts read-only PDF files into editable Word documents, which spares us a lot of efforts on reformatting the fonts and layout.

PDF to Excel?it can finely preserve the original data and format of a table to the utmost which facilitates further calculation and analysis.

PDF to PowerPoint?it can reasonably break up a PDF file into PowerPoint slides and enable us to individualize our presentation.

PDF to HTML?it uploads a local PDF to online, so that we can share ideas and knowledge with others rather than only keep it to ourselves.

PDF to Text?it retains the plain text of a PDF file.

PDF to EPUB?it enables us to read eBooks in EPUB, a more ?Apple? style which is fully compatible with our other Apple gadgets.

Now it?s time to abandon the copy and paste stuff. Refer the tutorial How to Converter PDF on Mac, and you will enjoy the benefits soon.

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We cannot copy and paste a protected PDF..

by dogknees In reply to Change our way of thinkin ...

Because the person creating the document decided that no one shall make use of their intelictual property in this way.

It's supposed to work this way. Trying to break it is the same as trying to crack a registration code or a system password and should be seen and treated as such.

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That's the reason!

by fionajd In reply to Change our way of thinkin ...

That's why there are many converters covering different aspects of pdf, especially the demand to <a href="">export pdf to word</a>.
And now you can find a pdf to word converter that can be used to convert secured pdf to editable word. You dont need to copy from pdf to word manually in risk of losing formatting and content.

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