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change partition size .

By chessmaster315 ·
I am having trouble changing my partition size in Win 2000. (I dont have any "unallocaated" space) I have even tried recovery console. I have a 10gig hard drive
with one partition 1.8gig and one with 8.2,
both are basic disks. I would like a 6gig and 4 gig partition. How do I do it without reloading my operating system?

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change partition size .

by poo_music In reply to change partition size .

Since you dont have any unallocated space, what you can do is, add a new harddisk, upgrade it to dynamic disk, then you can expend it.

Another work around, need 3rd party software. Do you heard about Partition Magic? I hope that this can help you.


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change partition size .

by Lo In reply to change partition size .

Partition Magic should solve this (about $60). I think it will let you resize the 8.2 leaving free space between the 1.8 and 8.2, then include the free space in the 1.8. This assumes that the 8.2 has 3.2 unused space.

You might think about the 2nd disk (and Drive Image, about $60 also) and do a backup before doing Partition Magic. Drive Image will do the job with an 2nd disk, it will let you rezise as you copy partitions. I have had some problems getting such copies to boot or be recognized (Win NT v4 sp4/sp5) so ...

If you have zip, jaz, tape, network, 2nd hard disk, etc., be sure to back before you start any repartitioning projects.

If you go Partition Magic and move the partitions, it takes a while. If you should crash/powerfail during that process you can corrupt the system (which is why you want backups). A UPS will give some protection against powerfail. Crashes, well, this is a Windows System, no?

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change partition size .

by chessmaster315 In reply to change partition size .

Thanks but I was looking for a solution that did not involve throwing money at the problem. For about $80, I could buy another 20 gig hard drive which would make more sense to me.

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change partition size .

by @lberto In reply to change partition size .

If you try to resize your partition with Windows 2000 using the Administrative tool, you'll probably will destroy the partition (if W2K allows you to do it), you have to use another software such as Partition Magic.
go to and download it.

Good luck,

PS. Remember to backup your info

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