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    Change/Remove Buttons have disappeared from Add Remove Programs


    by randisc49 ·

    I recently loaded Zone Alarm Suite (Unfortunately while Norton was running) Now my Change/Remove buttons have gone missing when I view Add Remove Programs.

    I have searched the Registry for NoRemove =1 settings and changed them to =0 but to no avail.

    Any ideas?

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      by randisc49 ·

      In reply to Change/Remove Buttons have disappeared from Add Remove Programs


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      aaargh! me too!

      by the hoff ·

      In reply to Change/Remove Buttons have disappeared from Add Remove Programs

      Please, somebody help. this happened to me too. Actually, a full list of what happened. I am running XP-SP2, and had Zone Alarm 6.1.744.1. I was updating Firefox to 2.003 and it stopped working. I reverted to 2.000 and it worked. Then I had to patch WoW last night… it also stopped working. I eventually realised that Zone Alarm was blocking the newly patched programs, so I uninstalled it, but remnants of it remained in memory and on disk… I foolishly used it’s own uninstall utility, and BAM! the error reported in the post above happened.

      The only thing I can think of prior to all of this was patching Windows about a week ago… but now I can’t tell what patches were applied, thanks to the error!!!

      help? [whimper]

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        Me three… (Change/Remove buttons gone)

        by epimetreus ·

        In reply to aaargh! me too!

        Just happened to me. I recently (within two weeks) I stopped using Norton’s antivirus & firewall software and installed the ZoneAlarm suite. It’s been working fine, except for an odd conflict with Logitech camera drivers that was easy to resolve.

        Today, Photoshop CS2 greeted me with “Your Adobe Photoshop user name, organization, or serial number is missing or invalid. The application cannot continue and must now exit.” Adobe and various web posts suggest that it’s a registry error, and recommend uninstalling and reinstalling Photoshop.

        When I opened Add/Remove Programs to do this, I discovered all the buttons missing. The standard Windows XP “System Restore” hasn’t been able to successfully return to any of the saved states from the previous week or so.

        Have you two had any luck since originally posting?

        Thanks, Ep

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      same here

      by susanandrobp ·

      In reply to Change/Remove Buttons have disappeared from Add Remove Programs

      If anyone finds a solution, please post. The response I got from Zone Alarm was to clear out the internet log directory…but that didn’t help.

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      Try this

      by gary56789 ·

      In reply to Change/Remove Buttons have disappeared from Add Remove Programs

      Click Start, and then click Run.
      Type sfc, and then press ENTER.
      Click Extract one file from installation disk.
      In the Specify the system file you would like to restore box, type C:\windows\control.exe.
      Click Start, click Browse next to the Restore from box, and then locate the Windows installation files. By default, in the OEM version of Windows, installation files are on the hard disk in the C:\Cabs folder or C:\WINDOWS\OPTIONS\CABS.
      When you find the path to them, just click OK

      Follow the same procedure again but this time in the system file to restore from box, type C:\Windows\rundll32.exe

      Download a copy of rundll32.exe,
      unzip to this location and overwrite the old one:
      C:\Windows\ (or wherever it was located originally)

      Reboot and try accessing Control Panel

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        Sorry, but sfc did not do anything

        by frankpeplinski ·

        In reply to Try this


        I have the same issue as described above, but tried to run the sfc, but it did nothing. I could not get to the extract screen at all. I’m running XP if that helps. Someone please post a cure!!!


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      check permissions

      by thumbsup2 ·

      In reply to Change/Remove Buttons have disappeared from Add Remove Programs

      Has anyone checked to see if Zone Alarm or Norton have change your user permissions? This behavior is likely due to you not having permission to add/remove software.

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        I’ve not checked permissions, but I did install Norton Utilities

        by frankpeplinski ·

        In reply to check permissions

        Norton was installed about 3 weeks prior to me noticing I
        had this problem. I will look at the options to see if Norton
        changed something. I also cannot restore my system to any
        prior date.

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