change settings for laptop touchpad

By kdavidson ·
How do I change the settings for my laptop
touchpad. If I hit the scroll, it acts like
I have left clicked. Has become a problem.

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Thank you for calling the Psychic computer repair hotline

by robo_dev In reply to change settings for lapto ...

Jenny, our psychic madam, will be with you shortly.....

Jenny: I have a vision that you have a Dell Inspiron 1525 laptop? Or maybe it's a Toshiba Satellite.....wait, wait, it's an Apple Powerbook....arghhhhhhh...the flashbacks are starting.....nooooo..the worms.....must-stop-the-worms...... (line goes dead).

But seriously, it might be helpful to state what type of laptop, and what OS you're running.

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