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Change the DHCP range on a Cisco 831 router

By nickinoshkosh ·
So I'm the new Network Admin at my very small company and I'm taking over some really old equipment. At one of our locations, there is a Cisco 831 router that someone has programmed as and then set the DHCP server to hand out IP addresses in the range - 254. That same someone then went ahead and assigned static IP addresses to printers and a few workstations in the building. Obviously this has been causing me headaches!

I'm fresh out of college here and I never learned how to program these old Cisco routers. I'd like to change the router to hand out DHCP in the range of - 199 so that I've got some wiggle room for static IP addresses. Can anyone help me out? What commands do I need to use to keep all other settings on the router the same and just change up the DHCP address pool?


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IOS ****.

by Reddgum In reply to Change the DHCP range on ...

Fresh out of college and ready to tackle the real world of IT. Yay. That was 30 years ago for this olde farte.

One piece of free advice: First, do no harm. That means don't go arbitrarily changing stuff until you have done your homework. :-)

Yes, the previous admin should have left some buffer for Static IP's and gateways. Don't be like him. Train yourself in the fine art of network administration. Don't expect anyone else to train you, get some books, compile references and don't be afraid to ask questions.

Here's where you might start - I know it sucks, but there's not really any other substitute for knowing your stuff in IOS.You just have to knuckle down and get a fundemental understanding of the commands and setups.

Good luck!

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