Change the reported OS version of Win 7 to Vista

By LBrent ·
I have a Windows 7 machine that I need to install a piece of software on that uses a "system verifier" to check to see if all prerequisites are met. It fails on the OS check since it doesn't know version 6.1.

This software installs fine on Vista with a reported OS version of 6.0. I have no doubts that it will run without issue on Win 7 as I've tested all the database components between the client and server. However, the manufactures of the software say we must wait until they release a version that is "compatible" with 7 before they will allow the verifier to install and run the software.

So my question is: Is there a way to edit Windows 7 so that it reports that it is version 6.0?

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When you tried to install

by NetMan1958 In reply to Change the reported OS ve ...

and it failed, did Windows 7 prompt you to try the install again? I read a paragraph in the Windows 7 Resource kit that said it would and that on the second attempt Windows 7 would provide a different version number that might allow the app to install.

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Not an installer failer.

by LBrent In reply to When you tried to install

It didn't fail. The software's installer won't continue due to the repsonse of the verifier. There's an app that it runs both during the installation process and also during the starting of the software process that does a system check. It's an exe. It looks like it's just running a vb call to the WMI.

I'm thinking I might need to figure out what information the exe writes or passes off to another application and create something that does the same.

By the time I figure it out, they will probably have the Windows 7 update ready.

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Try this

by scott_heath In reply to Change the reported OS ve ...

Since it could be stored in more than one place, or it could even be a check that doesn't happen in the registry, try using the Process Monitor utility to see what happens when you run the install. All files and registry keys accessed will be recorded.

But you can try HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\CurrentVersion


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Tried with no sucess.

by LBrent In reply to Try this

I have tried that. Didn't reboot the machine though.

I do think it's making a query to the WMI to get the version info. I'm not sure how that information is stored.

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Maybe check here

by seanferd In reply to Tried with no sucess.

Or look through the WMI control properties. But I'd think it would be in the /system32/WBEM/repository, unless it is called from /CatRoot or by directly querying a kernel executable or the registry. I really have no idea, but that is the general vicinity.

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Process Monitor

by scott_heath In reply to Tried with no sucess.

Did you try process monitor? You can filter out the standard BS or try just filtering on your install executable and see exactly what it is doing. It could also be doing a Windows API call.


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there's always

by PurpleSkys In reply to Change the reported OS ve ...

run in XP compatibility mode...have you tried that to see if it would work that way?

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