Change Wallpaper using script? Override GPO?

By kentontator ·
I want to run a logon script on my local machine that will override the GPO and change my wallpaper each time I log into my computer. I can change the wallpaper manually but its a pain to do so each logon/off. So I am thinking a script would be a simple way around this. Anyone have an idea of how this could be accomplished?

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by cmiller5400 In reply to Change Wallpaper using sc ...

If your administrator want's you to have that wallpaper, then that's the one you get. No help here for overriding what administrators have put in place.

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i can change my bg....

by kentontator In reply to Well...

I can change the background each time anyways I'm just looking for a way to make it automated, i have administrative rights on machines...

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agree with CMiller

by Churdoo In reply to Well...

Just because you "can" doesn't mean you should. You'll be better off focusing your energies on understanding why the admins do some of the things that they do.

Don't sh!t where you eat!

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i know why its set a certain way...

by kentontator In reply to agree with CMiller

I know why the GPO is in place, and I am going to change my background anyways I am just looking for a way to automate it....I am in the I.T. department for the company, I did not create this question to get into an ethical debate

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I know you didn't want an ethical debate but...

by cmiller5400 In reply to i know why its set a cert ...

YOU asked the question. We won't tell you how to bypass a restriction put in place by an administrator. If you were the administrator you would know how to configure the GPO correctly to do what you want.

Sorry no help here on how to bypass restrictions.

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you can't if this is a domain network

by CG IT In reply to i know why its set a cert ...

even if you create a logon script, Group Policy will override anything else.

Group Policy is applied in an accending order: Local Machine, Site, Domain and then OU. So anything done on the local machine is overridden by GPOs applied at the site level. Site level GPOs areoverridden by GPOs at the domain level. Domain level GPOs are overridden by GPOs at the OU level.

Unless you have domain admin level privileges and can modify domain GPOs or OU GPOs or move your computer from those containers, there's nothing you can do.

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I can

by kentontator In reply to you can't if this is a do ...

I can do all those things but I really just wanted to try scripting it for fun and to see if It could be done....looks like it can't

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Why can you see the wallpaper if you're working ? ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Change Wallpaper using sc ...

None of my 4 systems have any wallpaper. I consider it a waste of resources since I only ever see the background on initial boot, then it's obscured by whatever is running on that particular PC.

How come you get to sit and look at your wallpaper all day??

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by kentontator In reply to Why can you see the wallp ...

I don't see my wallpaper to often, but I mainly wanted to do this because I really just wanted to see if I could. I wanted to play around with scripting since I have never done to much of it and figured this would be an easy one...if there's no way to bypass GPO though I guess not...although I could always change the GPO for myself on the member server I wanted to do it by scripting on the local machine for fun

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We understand "why"

by Churdoo In reply to hah

and we don't dispute that everything you're saying is true and you have the access you have and you just want to expand your skillset -- a very valid request.

However this is a public forum and the information that we post here is subject to be read by anybody, and believe it or not there are peeps out there with less than the best of intentions -- you know, maybe only 1 or 2, but they're there nonetheless.

So just like for the XX per day of password hacking requests that get posted here, some legitimately may be for the best of intentions -- you know, I'm sure the dude really did suddenly come down with amnesia and forgot the password that he's been using for 10 years, or really did "buy" the laptop from a "friend" but the friend "can't remember" the password, but we still can't help because of the ne'er-do-well that's lurking in the shadows waiting for us to answer the post to use it for "other" purposes.

So keep up the good work, and certainly develop your scripting skills if you want to advance in your field, but you may have to find some of the information the way the rest of us did. :-)

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