Changed CMOS battery, now computer won't boot

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This happened on a HP Laptop with a AMD64 Turion Chip. I researched all over the Web on this Issue, and the odd thing is all the Message Boards I looked at NO ONE Resolved this Question. There was a a lot GUESSING, and sometimes the odd thing like ripping the entire computer apart and putting it back together again, seemed to work. I am not satisfied with this kind of an Answer.

I have been fixing Computers since 1996 and what I am seeing in all of these Message Boards as well as in my personal experience, looks to me like a Virus that somehow infects the CMOS. My Symptoms are first I could not get ANY CD to Install, EX- I tried installing Ubuntu 14, Kali Linux, Windows XP, nothing would enter into the Install procedures. The CD would spin, but not Install. I ran a couple different Function Tests on the DVD Player and even watched a Movie with it. So I KNOW the CD works. But it would not install anything. Which is the classic Symptom of an Old NYB Virus. But I pulled the Hard Drive completely out, suspecting a Virus, and then I Removed the CMOS Battery. After I re-installed the CMOS Battery, the Laptop would turn On, I could get into the CMOS Menu but the second I tried to enter a New Date, the Laptop would shut down. I tried it time and time again, same thing. Will Not Boot. And it worked fine before, aside from the fact that it would not Install anything. And I stuck two Different Ubuntu Harddrives in there both were 12.04 and they both worked fine BEFORE. But now the Laptop will not boot for more than a few seconds. All I did was replace the CMOS Battery. I have found DOZENS of people all over the web having this Same Issue with no decent Solutions for any of them. People suggest playing with the Jumpers, ALL I DID WAS REPLACE THE CMOS BATTERY, should not need to mess with the Jumpers.
But I am thinking the NYB Virus is a very Small Program, someone could have Modified it to even Reside in the L2 Cache or the Memory but it would have cleared when shutting down, if someone figured out a way to infect the CMOS, with an NYB type Virus that when the CMOS is Cleared it completely disables the CMOS from functioning. That would explain it.

Does anyone have any Logical Ideas about this?


(Just checked Youtube and here is something interesting with the same Model I am having trouble with)

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