Changed from Hdd to SSD and now my windows wont boot.

By Paupergames ·
I copied all my data from my Hdd to my Ssd. I formatted the hdd and booted trom my ssd. Then i got the 0xc0000225 error. I tried to fix it in setting but it said that using that option won't work and gave srttrail.txt as log. I don't care too much for the files, but resetting everything is gonna be hard.
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Could be a couple of issues here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Changed from Hdd to SSD a ...

The first is that simply copying the data across will not work you need to clone the drive with Cloning Software something like Acronis True Image will work most times depending on your hardware.

The second thing is your hardware may not suit what you have done and may need the very low level data on the HDD to point it to the SSD for the boot up files this all depends on which drive the system looks at first for the Boot Information.

It may be possible to change the Boot Order in BIOS and get it to boot off the SSD but you would need the entire cloned image from the old boot drive not just copying the visible data there is some you'll never see and never be able to copy in the correct manner this is just how the hardware works.

But on the Up Side provided you have the original Install Media and it's Genuine Microsoft Media as opposed to a Slipstreamed image it may be possible to repair the OS and get the correct order for the hardware to read and access to allow the system to boot up with your existing OS as it is possible to repair the OS but you need the Microsoft Install Media not a Slipstreamed Image that the computer maker has made for the computer you have.

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There are 3 solutions for you

by Lily-Gr In reply to Changed from Hdd to SSD a ...

To fix the 0xc0000225 error, you can try following methods:
1. Disable secure boot from BIOS or UEFI.
2. Boot from the Windows installation media and run DiskPart commands.
3. Fix corrupted BCD files using Bootrec commands.
Learn detailed steps here:

Extra tips:
When you change your main hard drive the next time, make sure the new drive works fine before you format the old drive. Thus, you can continue using the old drive or clone it with another tool.

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Installation problem

by ankitsingh213506 In reply to Changed from Hdd to SSD a ...

you are not installing hardware successfully or maybe you are getting any kind of software issues. Contact with service provider they will help you regarding this

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