Changed my Asus A8V deluxe MB, now i have hard drive problems?

By arabianjules ·
my old MB died, so i got another, but the computer would not boot up, so thought i would have to re install windows xp as the bios obviously does`nt recognise the new board.

i have formatted the maxtor ata HDD and re done the partion with `seatools`.

But still when you put the windows disk in and let it run up to installing win xp, it says it cannot see a HDD?

What please do i need to do?

is it serial ata drivers?

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Bios settings and sata drivers

by drivers1492 In reply to Changed my Asus A8V delux ...

If Im thinking of the right board it has a variety of settings in bios to consider. The cd that came with the board should have the correct drivers to use with your windows install. Another consideration is the jumpers for your sata config either 3.0 or 1.5 dependent on the drive your using. Your info with the new board should let you know what settings to use and drivers you will need to load. Also a lil google will show you numerous responses and solutions to this exact problem to help you along as well.

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by arabianjules In reply to Bios settings and sata dr ...

just tried to install win xp again, this time selecting F6 when it asks to add/install my own sata disk on floppy, i new it was there for a reason, which it does, wow thought i was onto a winner here..

..windows installs theses after formatting the drive etc...

then goes back to its win xp install page and still comes up with `cannot see HDD`!!

Lord help me!

think i might get another HDD (

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in that case

by tintoman In reply to thanks

The drivers you are loading are not the right ones for the hdd you have

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"the bios obviously does`nt recognise the new board"

by tintoman In reply to Changed my Asus A8V delux ...

Is a wholly incorrect statement since the bios chip is located on the motherboard it isn't really possible that it wouldn't recognise the motherboard it is attached to.
Anyway that isn't the problem you have, you will need to create a driver disk for your hard drive SATA drivers. You can do that if you can download the floppy drive files from the manufacturer's website.
Then you will need to press the F6 key during the Windows installation set up when the message appears at the bottom of the screen saying "press F6 if you want to install 3rd party drivers"

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