Changing a partition away from 'system'

By marshallm ·
I installed 3 partitions (NTFS) to Sun hardware - C: and are mirrored RAID1 and one holds my OS (win2k3 R2 standard), the other, SQL. A third partition goes to a Sun storage array, E:. My issue is that the E: partition states it is a 'system partition' and C: a 'boot' partition. How can I change E: away from 'system' without having to rebuild/reinstall everything from scratch?
Unfortunately, this server is in production, so I need to be very careful. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks! :)

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Got Your Message

by TheChas In reply to Changing a partition away ...


I received your peer mail message about this problem.

Sorry to disappoint, but I have not worked with W2KS03. Perhaps Hal will see this and take a crack at it.

Alternately, here would be a good place to start a search for solutions:


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by jamesatmaisonverre In reply to Changing a partition away ...

partition magic

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Thanks Glass House James

by marshallm In reply to try

I've contacted them, as their website does not list this as a feature of Partition Magic. If they, or some else, knows it will work - i will purchase the product.


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