Changing a Windows XP Network drive mapping

By peet.joubert ·
A while ago I mapped a drive to a directory on our server. It was mapped through explorer with the "Reconect at logon" option selected. Since then the particular drive letter has been defined in the company as being mapped to another directoy. Everytime i log on now, I have to change the drive mapping manually. How do I make the change permanent?

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by Kjell_Andorsen In reply to Changing a Windows XP Net ...

In Windows explorer, simply go to tools and then "disconnect network drive" for the drive in question, then remap it with a different drive letter and set it to reconnect on logon

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Been there, done that

by peet.joubert In reply to Disconnect

Thanks for the reply. I've tried disconnecting and remapping (a great many times :-) ) but each time I log on the the original mapping is restored. Is there anything else I can do?

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Try your Profile

by Pyman51 In reply to Been there, done that

Perhaps it is set under you profile tab found in your user properties within Computer Management?

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Check AD also

by Aakash Shah In reply to Try your Profile

Active Directory may define a mapping for your user account. This may force it to re-connect each time.

Also, if your profile is un-loading incorrectly, then it may not be updating your roaming profile telling it to disconnect the drive. Check your event logs to see if there is a problem unloading the registry while logging off - you can fix this with Microsoft User Hive Profile Cleanup service.

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That did the trick!

by peet.joubert In reply to Check AD also

Oh beautiful catch! That did the trick!
Thank you very much, this is going to make my life a whole lot easier!

Thanks again!

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I have the same problem : Memory Card of Printer always mapping to "X"

by samazar In reply to That did the trick!

I have the memory card of my HP networked printer always mapping to drive letter "X".
I tried disconnecting, reconnecting to another letter (with or without "Reconnect on Logon) without result: it always comes back to "X" when I reboot.

I also tried "Microsoft User Hive Profile Cleanup Service", and that did not solve the problem either.
Any other opinion?

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Memory Card of HP Printer always mapping to "X"

by samazar In reply to I have the same problem : ...

Now I know that this mapping operation is in fact part of the Printer software.
By default Windows will map to the lowest letter available.
It was previously mapping on "Z" until I installed 2 external drives to which I gave the letters "Y" & "Z".
This is the reason it is now mapping to "X".
It seems this is unchangeable as long as "Y" & "Z" are taken, to I a have to live with it and arrange myself otherwise.

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mappingNetwork drive reply

by jitu5777 In reply to Changing a Windows XP Net ...

u do one things 1st creat a batch file for mapping network drive then this batch file copy to startup of user.When coputer boot it automatically mapping with a particular drive letter

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How to Create the batch file!

by samazar In reply to mappingNetwork drive repl ...

My batch file should include the following steps:
1. Disconnect Network Drive "X"
2. Connect the same networked Device to "R"

Can you pls give me some indications as to the proper commands?

With thanks

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creat a bat file un remark the Un map comand

by ltilley In reply to Changing a Windows XP Net ...

REM **** UN-Map drives DO NOT USE NETWORK WIDE unless you know how to put things back together
REM **** net use * /d /y

REM **** Map drives Specific to Applications ****
REM *** net use G: \\FICS\apps\fics
net use M: \\Titan\Common
REM **** net use Q: \\HUman\Qloop
REM **** net use H: \\Human\HRVantage
REM **** net use P: \\Exodus\Peachtree

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