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Changing boot drive

By thadden ·
I have windows 98se on C:(master) and windows xp pro on (slave). These are seperate hard drives. I now wish to remove 98se and reformat the drive and only use xp. My problem is that all the boot files are on c: and I am not sure how to make d: theboot drive. I have edited the boot.ini file to delete the dual boot and it now boots straight to xp, but I have not figured which files to move to d: to make it the bootable drive. I also tried to change the boot sequence in the bios but that would have made it too simple.
Any suggestions would be appreciated

Thanks in advance

Tim Hadden

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Changing boot drive

by Shanghai Sam In reply to Changing boot drive

The boot files differ on the two operating systems and should be changed by first opening the Control Panel and double-click on the System icon,select the Advanced tab,in the panel see System Startup and Recovery,the make Windows XP the first in boot list.

Secondly you will need to change the jumper settings on the hard drives,whereas the \drive needs to set to master and the C:\drive is set to slave,you should then be able to boot the system from the d:\drive and wipe the operating systemoff the other drive.
You should not have to transfer the boot files over to the d:\drive

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Changing boot drive

by TheChas In reply to Changing boot drive

Personally, to play it safe, I would just leave the files in the root folder of the "C:" drive, and delete everything else on the drive.
Use the "C:" drive for data or temporary files.
Just make sure that none of your programs on the XP boot are installed on, or using files on the "C:" drive.

My concern is that removing the C: drive will disrupt all of the shortcuts and file links throughout XP.
I suspect, that you will need to perform a repair install after removing the "C:" drive.
If any application stored files on the "C:" drive, you will need to re-install that application.


Looking at my XP Pro system, you need the following files in the root of the boot drive;

The following files are "zero" length;

Create a dos boot disk from within XP.
After removing the C: drive, you will need to set the "D:" drive (now C:) as the active partition foryour motherboard to even attempt to boot from it.
You will also need to "system" the drive so that the boot files will load.

I'm sure as more people migrate away from dual-boot configurations, we will see more info on how to do this "safely".Chas

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