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    Changing browsers


    by samgord ·

    How can I safely transfer all login and password data from one browser to another? I want to use FF instead of GC and need all the data to be transferred there.

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      Well I can not garantee it will import all Data

      by oh smeg ·

      In reply to Changing browsers

      But all most people do is install the new browser and then import the data from the previous browser through the new browser.

      While I can not garantee it will bring all of it in simply because I have no idea what you are doing with oyur browser it will bring in bookmarks and the like without any difictulty.

      However if you are storing Passwords in the Browser by allowing it to remeber your passwords that is a big no no as Browsers are cracked every second of the day and passwords stolen from them so YOU SHOULD NEVER STORE PASSWORDS IN A BROWSER instead use a Password Program to do that.

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