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Changing Career Field.

By iwaheed ·
Basically I was appointed as a Executive Secretary in one of the top multilevel companies before 6-year and as of today I am doing the following:

I am doing three different kind of work:

1- Taking care of ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001 Quality and Environment Management Systems
a) Maintaining the Database (Tool) for documentations including all
i) Process workflow
ii) Updating the ISO related documentations like manual, procedures, work instructions, quality & environmental objectives and so on.
iii) Scheduling audit and follow up with managers and auditors
b) Executing analysis on both systems, with respect to manual, procedures, work instruction, objectives, aspects, operational control, audits, corrective and preventive actions and so on, to ensure that everything is up-to-date or actioned else writing emails to concerned authorized persons requesting an update and then update them in the database electronically.
c) Preparing management review presentations for Management Representative so that he can review with Management the last six months status of both systems
d) Upon request train the auditor (unofficially) how to perform audit, what to look for and where.
e) Train the users, auditors, managers and any other authorized person in the database about how to use it or access it.
f) Verification of changes in latest documents verses old.
g) Administrator of tool including all installation, configuration, setup, maintenance and even design
h) Performing other all type of administrative duties.

2- Taking care of IT Policies and Procedure (Governance Project)
a) Review processes in accordance with the international standard
b) Identify weakness, missing points/steps, identify new or change existing policies
c) Development of policies and procedures using the defined standard
d) Test the p&p in workplace during development phase
e) Change in case of any deviation or different process
f) Circulate for review
g) Circulate for approval
h) Train the affected people (developing workshops)
i) Developing awareness sessions
j) Last but not the least, conducting audit on the P&P to ensure that they are followed, no deviation, non-conformance or weakness in the process is noted.
k) Other than IT Procedures Analyst, I was also doing some unofficial additional tasks like
i) Administrator of database used for documentation, complete workflow and auditing.
ii) Following up the documentations which are under review or approval to ensure their timely completion and then distribution.
iv) Preparing and providing progress report on the overall process progress
v) Preparation of audit finding (separately in excel sheet) to following in the IT Management meeting.
vi) Coordinate with SME or Manager to schedule awareness sessions.
vii) Preparing the implementation status of each process phases vise and then follow up.
viii) Preparation the process status plan require for implementation and then follow up activities as per plan.
ix) Ensuring the accurate and timely flow of documentations which is necessary for the completion, review/approval and distribution of those documents.
x) Unit reporting to Manager about activities performed by the unit members.
xi) Participating independently in the open dialogues with senior specialists (manager level), discussing the various issues and giving recommendations. (one of the proof of this point is that all the members of IT Management had the same discussions and solution which they discovered and followed was the same which I recommended) there are more proof of it.
xii) There are lot more activities ????.

3- Performing duty as a IT Management meeting Coordinator
a) Scheduling meetings and securing members participation
b) Taking notes and following up tasks with the meeting members to ensure timely follow up
c) One of the meeting member is the head of our Unit who is responsible to report the policies and procedures status and discuss any issue related to this project but unfortunately I take of this project and its status and respond to Manager in the IT Management meeting because every one asked me for it due to my more involvement in this project.
d) Assignment of tasks to me, depending on the section head or manager decision. Like, collection of all the forms used, coordinate any changes in the forms, identification of changes, improvement and optimization of forms and last but not least, inputting the forms into database, getting review, approval (ensuring accurate workflow, timely completion) and then publish for the users to use.
e) Extracting the information from the audit report, inputting into excel sheet to discuss or follow up in the meeting.

The trainings I have taken during my work are
- ISO 9001:2001 QMS Internal Auditor
[Proof valid international recognized certificate]
- IT Procedures Analyst (TRaining on Governance Project using International Standard CObIT)
[No proof of training no certificate]
My eductation is C.Com, D.Com and but please don't say to move to account field.
Computer knowledge professional, All version (from old to latest) of MS Office, MS Window, MS Project, MS Visio and MS Powerpoint. Also Lotus Notes, Lotus 123, EDMS, ISO Achiever Plus, Word Perfect, IE Explorer/Netscape. worked in an Network environment, can install and uninstall any software, can also formate PC and install window(s) and MS Office(s) with all service packs and patches, handle all troubleshooting in my PC by myself, never took Helpdesk help.

Now I am looking forward to change my career from secretary to some higher level position as I am fed up my secretary job although I am doing different activities. Please let me know where I should move exactly.

You opinion will be highly appreciated including the openion from Manager/management side.

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A suggestion or two

by Raven2 In reply to Changing Career Field.

Find an executive recuiter who you can talk to. They have contacts to see what jobs are available, and they know how to "sell" your talents.

Do research on which recuiters are effective in your area, both geographically and job wise. Ask friends and HR departments who they would recommend. Many of the better ones get their fee from the employer.

Define what you want to do. You can have a job where you get to say, "Wow, I get to ..... today." rather than, "D..., I have to ..... today."

Consider using a career coach.

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OR you can contact me...Do you live in the Washington DC area?

by bcgreaves In reply to A suggestion or two

I am desperately searching for several people who have security clearances and are possibly interested in working on a DOD contract. The clearances are to be at least "secret" and I'm looking for mainly helpdesk, engineering, admin, and several web folks. (Senior Web Master/Systems Engineer (1)
SIPRNET Web Master/Systems Engineer (1)
Team Lead/Senior Web Developer/Systems Engineer (1) Key Position
Senior Web Developer/Systems Engineer) If you are interested or know anyone with a secret clearance and might be looking for a well paying job working in the Arlington Va. area, please send a copy of their resume to me at My company pays above average from what I know the industry standards are.
301 309-2300 x8109
PS...I have a position for a trainer as well, but I have no idea if that one would apply to you...$$$$???

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