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    Changing Careers


    by mankman ·

    I am being laid off from my current position at the end of this week. I am currently a process technician for a semiconductor manufacturer. Basically, I troubleshoot manufacturing processes and equipment related to photolithography processing.

    I am in the position that due to the mass layoffs of my company being directly affected by imports, I can get extra benefits through the government, such as extended unemployment compensation, schooling (up to 2 years), etc.

    Now, I’d really like to get into something with computers…but am unsure which route to take. I would be interested in many aspects of the IT industry, but there are many options and I don’t have alot of time to chose, as classes start in a few weeks. I’d like to get some peoples thoughts that are in these types of jobs, as to what they’d recommend and what they think the employment outlook is. My local community college offers 2 year degrees in Computer Information Science with specialties in Network, Programming, Web Development, Multimedia, and Information Sciences. It’s quite a bit for me to grasp right now, but I’m trying to make the best of a bad situation, and make something positive of it.

    Any advice would be appreciated….

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      by murfster ·

      In reply to Changing Careers

      Your situation seems grim now, but if you can survive getting your 2-yr degree, it’ll be worth it. Right now, it appears that the hot item to have is web technologies. Either companies are creating them, updating them, or expanding into e-commerce. That last word, “e-commerce” is the biggy right now. Two years from now, it will still be an issue, but you’ll be in the position to update existing code.

      Also, study heavy on databasing. It’s the past, present and future, regardless of the web. We’ll always need a place to store data, regardless of how we pass it around the world.

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