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Changing careers - looking for IT training

By Mikhail1 ·
Hi All,
I have an MBA and a 3 year experience working on Wall Street and 10 years overall in financial industry. Now, with the recent turmoil in financial world, I am looking to change careers and get into IT world. What would be a good place to start? What certificates should I obtain first, should I start with A+, N+? Could anyone please recommend a good training program(s)for IT certifications? Did anyone take New Horizons courses?
I would greatly appreciate any advice. Many tanks to all in advance.

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No need to thank in advance

by jkameleon In reply to Changing careers - lookin ...

Don't count on any advice, at least not useful one. I doubt anyone would want to work with people like you.

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by jmarsh In reply to Changing careers - lookin ...

A lot of where you should start depends on your current experience. While studying for the A+ and N+ tests you get a strong background in the different components inside the computer and how they interact as well as a lot of good information on how data travels through the computer and then through the network. I would recommend this as a starting place for anyone looking to get into computers because understanding this information is extremely important in most cases before moving on to more advanced, specialized skills. I do not recommend going to one of the classes that let's you get certified in 5 days because while you can get you certification you don't tend to learn the information well enough to use in the future. Take you time and learn this well because everything you want to do in the future will build on this.

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I appreciate your advice. Many thanks!

by Mikhail1 In reply to A N

One more question, if I may, would you be able to recommend any specific computer schools? I have visited a few but did not get a very good vibe. It seems that they are too interested in getting as much of your money as they can as quickly as they can. I am intererested in internetworking, with a goal of ultimately attaining a position of a Network Admin

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