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changing channels

By MH101 ·
I have a standalone 802.11g access point/router (not my choice to make it standalone but it's connected to a cable modem in room next to PC-no other outlet)communicating with a 802.11g PCI adapter. It has intermittent connections, especially when I reboot the PC.

After awhile it will finally connect to the internet. Once I reboot it, again it doesn't connect until I use the (Linksys) utilities it came with... ie. "refresh", "connect".

Could this have something to do with the channels? I've changed them, and still no luck.

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channel "strength"

by cp7212 In reply to changing channels

The corporation I work for has three channels, the highest is Channel 11. Cisco says in a troubleshooting situation, to go with the highest channel. Sometimes this has worked for me, but not always.

Use your utility for your PCI adapter to check your signal strength and throughput. If you are only getting a 1 mb or 5.5 mb throughput, that would most likely be the reason for a slow connect.

It may seem like a wall would not be enough to block the signal, but if you have a main power line running through it, you will have problems. Do you have a microwave oven or 2.4 GHz wireless phone in between your points? If so, move them.

Are both of your wireless devices LinkSys? If not, there could be a problem between the two different devices. LinkSys is usually pretty dependable if used exclusively.

I have relocated a lot of clients that (originally) I didn't think would have problems, but they did. As I always stress - location, location, location. Good luck.

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