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Changing Consulting Roles - PMP

I have been an OpenVMS consultant for 8 of the past 15 years (I've been working with OpenVMS for the past 15 years). Recently the market for OpenVMS is essentially 0 and I've been seeking to be more well rounded in what I am offering. I am incorporated. I am a PMP certified project manager. I have not yet passed the CISSP, CCNA, MCSE, OCP exams but hope to some time in the future. Does anyone know how to break into the door anywhere else when all you've ever done is OpenVMS? I thought by getting my PMP I could do that, but it hasn't worked. When I interview with potential clients they are looking for people who have led specific types of projects such as applications development or Oracle financials, etc. Well, all the projects I've led have everything to do with OpenVMS hardware, software, etc. I have lots of valuable project management experience and I am a PMP but I can't seem to break into a project manager role. I am open to any ideas. THANKS!

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by pptmagic In reply to Changing Consulting Roles ...

Hi Penguinsrule,

You can round out your resume by including volunteer activities that you've done. And if you haven't done many, see if you can find some to do. Many activities that persons do for schools and churches are actually very large projects, they just don't realize it and consequently don't give themselves credit for it.

Do you have an idea of what type of projects you would like to be doing? I'm looking to expand my skill set to include graphic design, public affairs, etc. so I've arranged to do some developmental assignments in these areas. Is that an options for you?

Glenna Shaw

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by PENGUINSRULE In reply to

Hi, I give myself credit for all these projects as well as all the projects I've done for pay. The challenge has been in trying to sell new clients on your project skills in a managing a certain specific type of project when that's all they want. What good is managing a project in a school that isn't applications development when that's what the client is looking for specifically. I've got plently of non-pertinent experience. Of course the thing of the moment they are looking for changes every day, and I'm pretty confused as to what they really want now. I'm sorry, but this really wasn't that helpful to me, but I appreciate your time and your efforts to help me.

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by Blano In reply to Changing Consulting Roles ...

The key is going to be honing in on additional experience
you developed during the 15 years in OpenVMS. Expand
on roles you played during those years, how your
experience impacted business operations, and especially
get references from your previous senior managers. These
steps will present a more well-rounded career.

Also consider developing a project based look at those 15
years - showing you have managed or led numerous
projects - regardless of technical sector. This may boost
your PMP credentials and get you some PM contract work.

Finally - try to get some articles published on OpenVMS,
other projects you have worked on, adding a nice section to
your resume.

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by PENGUINSRULE In reply to

This is what I've already been doing all along, and it hasn't yielded me the results I'm looking for. I've really worked hard to do this. I've also been published in various OpenVMS publications over the years. It doesn't help my resume because I want to downplay VMS. When I'm talking with a potential client, I really don't want the subject of VMS to come up in conversation if possible. I focus on what the project accomplished and what made the project successful. I don't say a word about VMS. Thanks for trying to help, but it really wasn't that helpful.

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by Oldefar In reply to Changing Consulting Roles ...

If the projects are real, which is to say that money has been budgeted and approved, then you might want to try a supporting role. Rather than trying to sell them on your capability to lead the project, offer to provide initial support getting the project moving ahead while they search for that project manager. Offer your services as the backup once that manager is hired.

The advantage is that you can demonstrate your value while they continue their search, which may translate into their ceasing to search and retaining you, you gain new experience and references outside of OpenVMS, and you build your network for future work.

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by PENGUINSRULE In reply to

I think this is a good idea, but people are looking to fill 1 job, and I don't know of an easy way of getting in the door this way. I'm open to suggestions.

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by md_hashim In reply to Changing Consulting Roles ...

If you are able to relate your experience to what a prospective employer needs, you should find a job easy enough. Analyze your prospective employers needs, see how you can contribute technically, functionally and professionaly and make that your USP. Also my experience has been that prospective employers while hiring for senior positions look for a fresh whiff of ideas and if you can highlight some of those that you have, you will win a job!

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by PENGUINSRULE In reply to

That's exactly what I've been trying to do for almost 17 months now.

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by Vorsossion In reply to Changing Consulting Roles ...

I'll speak only of my actual experiances. I once thought like you, my market is/was down and I wanted to get into a more broad specialization-specifically project management.

Instead of certifying I actually just earned my MBA: Project Management (I think it helped a little, but it could be other factors as well.)

For work I incorporated and offered my services to a number of project management companies as a junior project manager/on site supervisor.

I'm unsure what kind of field you wish to get into, but I am in the cabling/routing industry myself. A few of the companies I work for are:

The Outer Edge Solutions, INC
DataStar USA, INC
Global Linking Solutions, INC
Integrated Rollout Solutions, INC
ERG Consulting Services, INC (I really, REALLY and truly recommend you NOT work with this company. When my contract expires I will not be renewing with them.)
CrossCom National

Also, and e-technicians may be looking for junior network administrators.

Finally, let me just mention that when you change career fields, especially in this market, you can expect to have a cut in pay, however, you might not.

I wish you the best of luck.

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by PENGUINSRULE In reply to

I really appreciated your message, This was the best of all the replies and I'll be trying to do some of these things. It helped to know that someone else was where I am and they came out ok. It was of a lot of encouragement to me, which I needed. Thanks

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