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Changing Domain Administrator Password

By rbroderick ·
Need to change our Domain Admin Password. Afraid that servers outside of DC that use the pasword to run services will not run properly when password is changed. Is there a Utility to use that will let me know all services that use the password to run so I will be aware of which services on which servers need to be updated so that the network continues to run properly. thanks in advance for any info you could provide.

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Changing Domain Administr ...

this is a good question. i don't know.
one thing that might break is scheduled tasks and backups. check those first.
this worth a few buck to call for help from microsoft if you are in a situation where possibly hostile domain admin is leaving.
keep track of the old password and you can at least fix stuff as it breaks maybe

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by CG IT In reply to Changing Domain Administr ...

which admin account? the user account that was added to the domain admin security group? or the default install administrator account and password? A best practice is to rename the default admin account and password and then lock it away. Programs using run as could use that account but then one must document those programs.

A best practice is to create a user account and add them to the default domain admin security group. That way if a user leaves you just the user name and password and disable the account in active directory so they can't access the network with admin credentials.

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by mmav In reply to Changing Domain Administr ...

Did you ever find a utility for this issue? If so please let me know where I can get a copy.

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Does this Utility Exist ???

I am also looking for a utility to seek out where the Domain Admin account is used through a sizeable network. I would like to change the Administrator password but am not 100% sure of where it is used throughout. Has anyone found this???

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domain admin credential usage

by rustypole In reply to Changing Domain Administr ...


i'm also looking for a tool that will show where domain admin credetials are being used.
I need to change my domain admin password but want to do damage limitation by knowing where the creditals are being used before making the change.

does anybody know the best practice for doing this

thanks in advance


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