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Changing Domain Controller

By dlcompu ·
Putting in a new server win win2k with a different domain controller, old server was nt4 running 125 stations mixed mode (win2k pro and win98. Need to change the domain controller on each of the 125 workstation. What would be the easiest and fastestway to change the domain controller on each of the machine? also have to make a registery edit to keep the user profile from changing.

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Changing Domain Controller

by erikdr In reply to Changing Domain Controlle ...

A workstation links to a DOMAIN, not to a DOMAIN controller. Either WINS (NT Server and W2K mixed mode) or DDNS (W2K ADS-only) make sure that the controller is found.
So simply make sure that you keep the domain name the same when doing this serverchange.

Making a registry edit on all workstations for the user profile would work through:
* Regedit with a .reg file in the login script for the W98. (When you did not disable regedit for the users). Otherwise use VBScript or so to accomplish the same, W98 does not have centralised policies by default to change these things.
* Group Policy settings for W2K Pro. When not ADS yet before the change, use an individual central group policy file where the workstations point to. VBScript probably won't work because you should have locked down the W2K workstations so far that the user has no access rights for changing the registry...

Hope this helps,

<Erik> - The Netherlands

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