Changing Drives in FTP on Windows

By emorgan ·
I'm ftp'ing from a unix server to a Windows 2000 server. The ftp service on the target box is set up so that the F: drive is the default home drive. I need to ftp files to the G: drive and can't figure out a way to change drives in ftp....anyone know how? My other thought was to set up the profile of the Windows account that I'm logging in as to have it's home drive be G:, but can't seem to get that to work either.

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cd should do it

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Changing Drives in FTP on ...

at the ftp prompt.
you'll need the full path .

if not just put the full path in the put command.
Have you tried dir g... to make sure you can see it.

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some ideas

by lowlands In reply to Changing Drives in FTP on ...

The answer will depends on how many other people ftp to your 2000 server. If it's only you, you can change the home directory for the server simply from f: to g:.

if other people need to ftp to the F: drive, i would set up an additional virtual directory and point that one to the G: drive.

The cd suggestion from the other poster will not work to go to another drive on the server. I can't remember if it's possible to set an ftp home directory on windows like you can on Unix.

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