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Changing from a remotely managed network

By the_hunteroz ·
Hey guys/girls, i run a high school network in perth western australia, its part of project called the "100 schools project" although it has now got 200+ schools on the program, i am seriously contemplating dropping from the remotely managed network as I don't have access to do anything, and yet i am the "Systems Admin/Network manager for the school" and as such funding for the disbandment for the school would come from the Parents & Citizens Association, however i need some help as to where and what i should do, i don't even have access to create users, and i have had to send a new user request off to central office to get them to create the users for me, until a few bugs, have been ironed out. i have had a meeting last week with the Development Systems Engineer, in which i gave the 100 schools team a month to rectify 13 issues,

Anyway if anybody has any ideas it would be greatly appreciated

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Some thoughts

by BFilmFan In reply to Changing from a remotely ...

Depends on the school's network and OS architecture on how to go about implementing a "divorce."

Are you familiar enough with the network to do a project overview to see what steps are needed to break off?

Is new equipment needed?

Is new software neeeded?

My advice is if you are not experienced enough to do this work, hire a consultant with experience to do the design work and potentially assist with implementation. Otherwise, you might be in a worse position than currently.

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School's network architecture & os

by the_hunteroz In reply to Some thoughts

school is running two win2k3 AD networks with winxp sp2 clients, cisco catalyst 2950 switches some ports are gigabit most are 10/100 ports. I have been offered a position at another school today less than 5 minutes drive around the corner, which i can honestly say is not part of the "100 schools" program, which means as the "Network Manager" i will have complete control over all aspects of the network & what is & what isn't allowed, i have only just started @ the current school i am at now, i am so confused any help???

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