Changing from Office Home Premium 365 to an alternative Office version.

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I had a free trial of Office with my new laptop which ran out, and did not feel I could afford or need to pay for the full package when the free trial ran out. So I thought I would trail the Office Home Premium 365 for a year to buy me time while I decided what to do next. That year is coming to an end (on 1st april). I had some compatibility issues when sendiing some of my files to my employer, so they could not read them., I was very surprised , - iy may be because I could not grasp how to convert the files from my computer, of which some were older, 2007, some maybe even 2003.. Also there ask you so many questions that I did not know where to start related to security., and I had difficulties about synchronising and sending confidential files. I don't doubt it was possible, I just felt overwhelmed, and unfortunately none of my friends or colleagues knew of it, so unable to help me.

My f question is how do I ensure I do not lose my data I have added this year, (I have used Word, Excel and OneNote mostly)- as I have no intention of renewing . I am considering buying the Home and Student 2010 licence for download as opposed to getting a disc, as it seems to be the most economical way of getting it. 1) Will this protect all my new AND older files. Is it backward compatible? 2) Are there reasons NOT to buy the licence, and rather buy the disc version. I am reluctant to go for the 2013 version as it is one licence for one computer. I believe with the 2010 version you can still get 3 user licences Any comments would be much appreciated. Thank you.

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Office 365 is Software as a Service or SAS

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Changing from Office Home ...

Which in your case really means it is a Cloud Solution and you don't have anything stored directly on your computer but on the Microsoft Cloud Servers. You need to open all your documents and save them to a Local Folder on your HDD so you can access them.

But the worry here is your mention of Confidential Files which may not be in your control or the control of the place you work for if they are edited under any of the apps in 365. Without knowing what it is you do it's impossible to say if Security of the company has been breached and you are left open to possible charges.

The Office 2007 & 2003 files should be on your HDD but the 365 Files may not be.


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Replacing 365 with Office Home and Student 2013 download. Problematic?

by camn1 In reply to Office 365 is Software as ...

Thank you very much for your reply.- and my apologies for delay in acknowledging it. I was concerned obviously when you said security may have been breached. Spoke to my employer and we checked it out. In fact no files I sent needed to be strictly confidential. Just I would have preferred that my files were kept private. I just was very over cautious and lacked the confidence to use it properly, hence rather a wasted of money on the program. I spent the last year writing, hand delivering most of my most important documents,( also wasting more money and time , as not round the corner! ). I have reconsidered, and thought it may be more sense to purchase the Office Home and Student 2013, to keep the format of my new files and simplify life- I hope. I presume I should download it before uninstalling 365? So that I don't lose the new files? I heard some people had rather a lot of problems downloading it, but that once done it all ran smoothly. Have you any advice about this at all? They don't seem to sell ordinary discs with this as far as I can see.

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Office 365

by Viktor_f In reply to Office 365 is Software as ...

Agree. I can't understand a huge promo around Office 365. It has a great advantages but disadvantages too. All project-related documentation must be protected and Cloud Solutions probably not the best way for that.

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