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    Changing keyboard language Shortcut

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    I´m switching a lot between two different language keyboards.
    And I find it extremely tiring to manually click the little flag in the top bar.
    I´ve searched relentlessly for a shortcut, but to no avail!
    Anyone know how I´d be able to do that?

    I´m running a MacBook with a OS X 10.9.5


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      What about?

      by rproffitt ·

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        Doesn´t work

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        In reply to What about?

        Hey thanks for answering,
        No unfortunately this does not work on my computer.

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          I admit.

          by rproffitt ·

          In reply to Doesn´t work

          I’m not an Apple OS historian. That said I would look at Keyboard Maestro which is for some Apple OS versions. However again I don’t keep history about the Apple OS so I’d get to the their Forums if you need more.


          That thread is rather interesting as well, there are things about the Apple OS that I rarely get into.

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      This can be configured in System Preferences

      by mrmacfixit ·

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      Open the Keyboard Preference Pane and choose the Input Sources Tab.
      Select your languages there.
      I guess you have already done this stop as you mentioned the little flag.
      Now select the Shortcuts Tab and Input Sources. (edited by moderator)
      Put a check mark in both the boxes in the right hand pane
      Close the System Preferences.

      Now a Control + Space will select the Previous input source
      Control + option + Space will select the next.
      Selecting just the one box should allow you to cycle through your choices

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        Cannot find

        by ·

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        Hey! I´ve been going everywhere inside the System Preferences for Keyboard, and what you are describing, altho a bit confusing with “Now select the Shortcuts Tab and Shortcuts tab.”, I cannot find.

        I include a screen shot here, where you can have a look at how it looks like on my computer.


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          Slight typo there,

          by mrmacfixit ·

          In reply to Cannot find

          that should read “now select Shortcuts Tab and INPUT SOURCES”
          Should all make sense now.
          Apologies, I’ll edit the original post for those coming up behind you


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          Got you!

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          In reply to Slight typo there,

          Great man! Thank you that worked! I cannot believe I oversighted that, as I really did toggle thru all of those sections.
          It worked like you said after having hit the “Restore to default” option, as the set shortcut command was taken by another (search spotlight).
          So now it works as a charm! real happy about that.
          However I lost my spotlight shortcut – Do you know how to customize these shortcuts? Because the one at default for spotlight just straight up doesn´t work with my international keyboard.

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          ref the Spotlight

          by mrmacfixit ·

          In reply to Got you!

          I’ll take a look for you

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          Changing the Spotlight shortcut

          by mrmacfixit ·

          In reply to Got you!

          is done in basically the same way as the language thing.
          System Prefs > Shortcut Tab and highlight Spotlight in the left pane.
          In the right pane, click once on the displayed key stroke which will change color slightly. Enter the keypress of your choice.
          You should not have to press the “Restore Defaults”, that would put the original back in play.
          As an aside, the default for the language thing should be Control + Space while the default for Spotlight is Command + Space. From your post, it sounds like you have used Command + Space for the Language thing.
          No biggie if it all works for you

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          Thanks man!

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          In reply to Changing the Spotlight shortcut

          Thank you!!

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