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Changing login email address possible?

By perdigaoj@usa.redcross. ·
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Hi all,

Is it possible to change my login email address for TechRepublic ?
I can be contacted on jcperdigao@gmail.1com (without the 1) if need be...



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To change your email address for TechRepublic,

Look at the upper right part of your browser when logged in, you should see either your avatar ( if you have one ) or a generic figure. Click on this to open a menu of choices. Choose the "Preferences" option, to open a page of various preferences. There you will see a group of "tabs" for various settings, choose "Profile". This will open to a page with your avatar with the option button to "Edit Profile", click on this. To get to where you can change your email address click on the "Contact Info" tab, your email address should be the first field. Change it to your desired email address, then click the "Update My Account" button bar below the options
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