Changing margins in word 2003

By david.byrne ·
I dont no if anyone can help but I have the following problem. I work in a college and as part of an exam some of the students have to change the margin settings in word by going to file-page setup etc. The problem I have is that they get the following message "settings you chose for left and right margins, column spacing, or paragraph indebts are too large for the page width in some sections" All you get then is either show help, which is no help, or ok, which does not action the changes. If I log on as administratator I can action the change however, the students accounts are set to power user security and it does not work for them.The office ver is 2003 fully patched up running on windows xppro machines again fully patched up, attached to a hp 2420 laserprinter. Obviously I can not give them admin level access can anyone offer any help. I have searched the net for two days now with out success.

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"The settings you chose...are too large for the page width in some sections

by atrainer In reply to Changing margins in word ...

I had a similar problem in Word 2007 when I tried to apply mirror margins. What fixed it for me is going to the Layout tab of the Page Setup dialog box, and lowering the number in the Header and Footer boxes from .5 to .4 or .3. The error went away. I hope this helps!

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zombie alert

by PurpleSkys In reply to "The settings you chose.. ... ya suppose that after over three years that the poster would have found an answer by now?

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people still look

by atrainer In reply to zombie alert

I thought my reply might help someone else who is looking for a solution to that error message.

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