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    changing mouse pointer in c


    by mmmova ·

    Greeetings everyone,
    I just wanted a bit of help. I am making a program with mouse input it works fine. Now all i need is that I want to load the .cur files. I have already used some XOR And masks they work fine. How can I load the cur file in c.

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      Loading custom cursors.

      by zorwizard ·

      In reply to changing mouse pointer in c

      // If you like you can email me at
      // I have several cursors that I have build myself
      // thay are in the resource file `Cursors.res’
      // I declare them and assign them thus…
      // Notice these are assigned as a negative integer…
      // the system cursors (when I last checked…)
      // are valued from -1 through -20, or something like that
      // that is why my custom cursors start at -21 and proceed DOWN…

      const int crRight = -21;
      const int crLeft = -22;
      const int crUp = -23;
      const int crDown = -24;
      const int crThis = -25;
      const int cr4Way = -26;

      #pragma resource “Cursors.res”

      // Later in my applications (a CAD program) main initialization function
      // I use a function called `LoadCursor()’ (From the windows API…
      // HInstance (actually `hInstance) is, `Identifies an instance of the
      // module whose executable file contains the cursor to be loaded. ‘ and
      // the second argument (which is `lpCursorName) is `Points to a null-
      // terminated string that contains the name of the cursor resource
      // to be loaded.’ The functionreturns a `HCURSOR’ which is a handle
      // to the new cursor. Which in my example is stored in an array of
      // cursors called `Cursors’, an element of `Screen’ (as you can see…)

      Screen->Cursors[crRight] = LoadCursor((void *)HInstance, “RIGHT”);
      Screen->Cursors[crLeft] = LoadCursor((void *)HInstance, “LEFT”);
      Screen->Cursors[crUp] = LoadCursor((void *)HInstance, “UP”);
      Screen->Cursors[crDown] = LoadCursor((void *)HInstance, “DOWN”);
      Screen->Cursors[crThis] = LoadCursor((void *)HInstance, “THIS”);
      Screen->Cursors[crWhiteX] = LoadCursor((void *)HInstance, “WHITEX”);


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