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Changing network drive

By jbcbussoft ·
I have a winxp pc connected to a win2kserver. There is a domain. The pc's have stsatic ip addresses. About 2 weeks ago a network drive was not available. The system was checked there were 2 mapped drives. 1 of them was accessable the other was not. I removed the share and recreated it. The share worked. After a restart the drive didn't work. During the restart the connection is being changed from a public share to a private share. I did a search of the pc looking for a string of the wrong share. I don't have one. The only instance I can find is in the registry under "HKEY_USERS\S-1-5-21-842925246-813497703-839522115-1115\Volatile Environment".
I can connect it correctly and tell it to remember the connection but upon reboot the wrong connection is there.

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by dror In reply to Changing network drive

why dont you use he great command called : net share? you can insert it into batch file and drag it to the start up folder on the xp or on the server and it will automaticly share your folder or folder's the syntax is:
C>net share share=f:\share /unlimited
the first share word in the line represent the share name you want the user see from their computer's, and the rest is the command syntax. just stick to it and everything colosely to work. good luck

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by jbcbussoft In reply to

This isn't what I asked. I have a share that is available to all on the lan. I can connect to it. It is already created on the server. I have a mapped drive that remains as it should through a reboot. I have another mapped drive (both are from the server) that is changed on reboot. I have already implemented a batch file work around. What I would like is to have it work like it is supposed to.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Changing network drive

Are you sure that you are now setting up the Share the same way that you originally set it up? You could have used Net Share originally and forgotten about it.

But the most likely reason that this is happening is that one of the latest Security Patched is not allowing the public to remain on the reboot and is changing the public Share into a Private Share. Did this start to happen after the last round of Patches?

If it did you may be able to remove the offending patch or most likely you will not and you'll need to set up a batch file that runs on the reboot and sets up a Public Share on the affected drive. If the problem drive is the Boot Drive it makes perfect sense that a Security Patch is stopping this remaining a Public Share and changing it to a Private Share to protect the OS from being messed with.


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