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    Changing Raid


    by johnm ·

    I currently have a Win2003 SBS running the OS on a single SCSI HDD(raid 0) all user data is on a separate logical drive consisting of 4 HDD in Raid 5. I would like to add another SCSI HDD and change to raid to 1 for mirroring of the system drive.

    What is the best way to go about this? I know changing the raid lvl will require deleting all data on the current logical drive. (I think)

    I was thinking about using BartPE to create an image of the single HDD to my external HDD then adding the 2nd SCSI and creating the mirrored set and then loading the backedup image back onto the mirrored set drives. Will this work? is there an easier or quicker/safer way.


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