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Changing the AutoExec

By BloomU ·
Do you have those users that no matter how many times you tell them to empty Deleted Item, Recycle Bins, and TEMP folders they don?t? Well I DO!!! I have never altered an Autoexec file and I was looking for some help on how to configure it to delete all of the files that are located in the TEMP folder. I am running on Window NT 4.0 if that would make a difference.

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by amedee In reply to Changing the AutoExec

I'd say, deltree the temp folder and then re-create it.

But... are you SURE you want to do this? Some crappy installers, or just plain bad written software, use the TEMP folder to store some rather important files...

A better solution would beto use the task scheduler in combination with CLEANMGR. I don't know if CLEANMGR exists in Windows NT, you should check it.

Anyway, with nowaday harddisk sizes, who cares about the size of the temp folder?
When it *really* starts to give problems, you show up, delete some junk, and your users thank you for saving their day: you've just done some magic!

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