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    Changing the default control font


    by maryweilage ·

    This week’s Visual Basic newsletter explains how to change the default control font.

    Will you change the default control font? Can you think of any other methods besides the two author Peter Aitken outlines that would simplify this process?

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      changing default fonts painlessly…

      by ianbrodie ·

      In reply to Changing the default control font

      just change the font on the form BEFORE you add any controls, then when the controls are added they assume the same font as the form. No errors, no code, no hassle.


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        Using A New Form Template

        by greenberrie ·

        In reply to changing default fonts painlessly…

        This works if all the forms in a particular app uses the same font each time.
        In a new application, create a form with the new default font that you want.
        Save it to Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio\VB98\Template\Forms
        Next time you go to add in a new form, it will show up in the list of forms to choose from.

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        Nice Thing About…

        by mattohare ·

        In reply to changing default fonts painlessly…

        Nice thing about changing changing the form’s font before adding controls, is that the form module has less code. This can reduce the size of your executable by quite a bit.

        My first step of making a form is setting all the form’s properties anyway.

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      Easily Freshen Up Existing VB Projects

      by Anonymous ·

      In reply to Changing the default control font

      To easily change the font in an existing project and give all forms a sharper modern look:

      1. Using NoteTab Lite (freeware) open all the .frm files in your project.

      2. Using the global Replace command, replace “MS San Serif” with “Tahoma”, and click Save All documents. Use the Tahoma font as it takes up exactly the same screen area as MS Sans Serif.

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