Changing the location of where computers are added to the domain

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Currently we have an AD environment where each department has their own OU. So marketing, accounting, legal, etc has their own OU and has their own IT staff. We've run the delegation of control wizard and given each IT group full control over their appropriate OU. When an admin adds a computer to the domain I want the computer to be added to the Computer OU under the departmental OU they have full control over. As it stands now when they add a computer it is put in the default Computers OU and then it has to be moved. I know we could pre-create the accounts in the proper OU, but I don't them to have to pre-create accounts.

I?ve even gone as far as to create a service account in each OU that is just used to add computers to the domain again running the delegation of control wizard on just the Computer OU in each departmental OU. No matter what I seem to do computers are always added to the default Computers OU.

I know there is a command line tool you can run that changes the default location computers and users are added, but that chances the location for the ENTIRE domain which I don?t wanna do.

I know it can be done using netdom at the command line but I don't want to have to do that. I would rather they add computers from the computer name tab on computer properties. I know this can be done because the last place I worked had it setup like that.

Running Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition and Windows XP Pro.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

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