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Changing Workstation Name in Domain

By Tech2003 ·
I need to switch the names of two of the computers in the same domain. All the settings are as they should be (as they are already a part of the domain) I just need to basically swap the computer's names. Will I run into any problems?
Anything I should know?

Workstations running XP Pro
Server running Server 2000

Thanks in advance.

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by napolitano In reply to Changing Workstation Name ...

When you change the first one, change the name to a temporary name that has never been used on the network before. Then change the second one to the name of the first and then change the one with the temp name. The reason for this is that you cannot have same named computers on your network.

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Don't forget to delete the accounts

by newcompspec In reply to

After changing the name of the first machine you will have to delete it's account from the domain. Rename the second machine, then delete the second machine's account before renaming the first.

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User Accounts...

by Tech2003 In reply to Don't forget to delete th ...

Thanks for the replies.... when I make these changes and my users log on to the newly-switched-name computers their file access etc... should be the same as before, correct?

Thanks again.

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File Access

by Blackcurrant In reply to User Accounts...


I had to do this a couple of weeks ago. All users file access is controlled by the domain server. File access is unaffected by which PC users log into.

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Changing names

by trockii In reply to User Accounts...

Changing computer names WILL NOT affect users files and settings.

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May not have to...

by Ole88 In reply to Don't forget to delete th ...

As long as the systems are connected to the network and everything is working properly, you should not have to delete the computer domain accounts. When you rename the first machine, the domain controller should automatically delete the computer account in the domain.

Another way to handle this is to remove both machines from the domain, take them offline, rename them, then readd them to the domain. This works best if they are pretty close together. If they are on seperate floors or in different buildings, do it the first way.

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May not have to, however, not a bad idea

by awfernald In reply to May not have to...

As I have had issues before doing WS name changes and ended up costing me a lot more time getting in to a different computer to start up the admin software so that I could delete the account and add the computer back in with it's new name.

It generally won't be a problem if you don't, however, it's nice to be certain rather than look like a fool to your end user because "dang, doing this simple thing, and it's causing a problem".

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delete old accounts in domain comtroller?

by MH101 In reply to May not have to, however, ...

Hi, I was looking for help on renaming the workstations on our domain... and this helped out alot, thanks.

Now my question is where exactly do I go to delete old accounts on the server? Thanks again in advance!

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Deleting Computer Accounts

by mjpalmer76 In reply to delete old accounts in do ...

I believe they were talking about deleting the computer accounts in your AD Users and Computers. Domain>Computers(Is the default place for your computers, unless you have moved them for policy reasons).

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renaming xp pro box in a domain is easy

by nhornick In reply to Changing Workstation Name ...

I found that the best way to rename an xp pro computer in a domain without changing any of
the account's login characteristics such as desktop or permissions is to unjoin it from the domain, make it a local workgroup machine only,
rename it, then join it back into the domain.

Here's how:
1st boot up to the local "this computer only"
using a local user account with admin privledges.
Then right click "my computer" choose properties,
choose the "computer name" tab. Click "change" at the bottom, then the radio button that says
workgroup and give the workgroup a name
like "workgroup". DON'T CHANGE THE COMPUTER NAME YET ! When you click Okay it will ask you
for a DOMAIN administrator name and password
only domain admins can unjoin the box. Wait for it to say "welcome to the workgroup" - reboot
now as a workgroup computer only and login as a local user with admin privledge.
No go back to the same computer name tab and this time RENAME the box. Now reboot again as it will ask you to.
Now go back to the same computer name tab and this time click the radio button that says
Domain and put the domain name in - again it will ask you for a domain admin name and password cause only domain admins can join a domain - wait for it to say "welcome to the domain" it will ask you to reboot for changes to take affect.
Reboot and this time log into the domain with a valid domain account user name and password.

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