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Chaotic Evil, Hate, and IT

By FluxIt ·
What is chaotic evil? Is it random? Why does it hate? What does it have to do with IT? Is it a computer game?

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Chaotic Evil

by Tig2 In reply to Chaotic Evil, Hate, and I ...

Not hate. Hate is way too consuming.

Evil is the abject refusal to consider anyone or anything beyond one's self. It is sociopathy and worse.

Let's consider hatred of women as an instance you may be comfortable with. Evil is what motivated Gary Ridgeway (aka the Green River Killer) to mindlessly murder 50 young women. In his own words, they were nothing to him. In 50 murders, there was one that might have meant something to him as he had actively sought to develop a relationship with her. But he murdered her anyway.

Chaotic evil will allow murder for the sake of convenience. Evil does not hate. It has no time for hate. It may live in some people in IT. It is not related to IT. It is not a game.


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In case I've never told you..

by maecuff In reply to Chaotic Evil

I think you're awesome and I love you madly! :)

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In case I never told you

by Tig2 In reply to In case I've never told y ...

Love you madly too!

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What is Evil If Hate is Not of it?

by FluxIt In reply to Chaotic Evil

If there is a essence, being and virtue to Good and Evil then there must be qualifying character traits.

I would remark that the essence of 'Evil' is selfish and prideful. To being evil embodies qualities like impatience, anger, hate, revenge, etc...

I would remark that the essence of 'Good' is selfless and loving. To being good embodies qualities like patience, tolerance, humble, forgiving, etc...

Chaotic remarks there is order and that the past is irreversible, the present is emergent, and the future is a probabilistic outcome based on order.

The misnomer that I hate women originated as a 'maecuffism' that she transferred from some other guy during a disagreement. I only egg her on. I imagine she is a typical woman from Ohio.

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by Tig2 In reply to What is Evil If Hate is N ...

Let's start at the beginning.

Qualifying character traits:
Desirous of all good (wholesome and life giving) things.
Desirous to not inflict pain- apologetic in the face of same.
Comprehends other thought. Open to engaging same.
Seeking to help others- generally through empowerment, always through care.

Destructive of life.
Seeking it's own ends without regard for outcome.

The "essence" of evil is self absorbed. Being evil requires that there is no place for anything remotely humanitarian- except as it serves evil's desire. The goals of evil are often unknown. The result is often destruction.

The "essence" of Good is self unabsorbed. To feel joy in another person's joy. To act in ways that do not directly benefit one's self. To seek another individual's highest and greatest self. To do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with one's God.

"Chaotic" speaks to the extremes- never a good thing. Extreme good can be as bad as extreme evil. "I will kill you for your own good" is an example. Not to be confused with choosing to help someone to die who has asked for that assistance.

You appear to me to have a general dislike of women. I cannot speak to what you refer to as a "maecuffism". It is my own opinion and based on what I personally see.

Hatred requires Love to fuel it. it has energy all it's own.

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A Skin Of Evil

by FluxIt In reply to Kay

You sound to Star Trekish.

You have not observed anything except only that which you claim to see. So what is your reality?

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Pardon me?

by Tig2 In reply to A Skin Of Evil

I don't watch Star Trek so don't get your drift.

I answered your silly survey and this is all I get? I actually had to think before I started typing and then proof read and thought through my response.

A sad waste of my time, apparently.

Edited to add a forgotten letter. Different keyboard and all that.

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Not a waste of time

by capann In reply to Pardon me?

Your responses were not a waste of time. I was touched and moved ,which indeed is a sign of goodness happening. I think that some people do not realize what a life and death struggle there is between good and evil. Even within the individual the struggle is wrenching. I suffer through each day trying to make my way towards goodness without succumbing to the evil all around.

Thank you again for your thoughtful answers and for your attempts to bring evil into the light.


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And you aren't MrMiami?

by maecuff In reply to What is Evil If Hate is N ...

No one needs to go to ANY of my posts to see that you are a misogynist. You do that fine on your own.

As far as 'egging' me on. I'm not the one who leaves these discussions in tears..or back peddling.

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Crying? Really???

by The Scummy One In reply to And you aren't MrMiami?

I doubt s/he/it is actually crying about it (although I havent read too much of it(s) stuff. However s/he/it is probably complaining to mommy on a daily basis (or a therapist). Heck, maybe mommy is it's therapist?
May even be that Mommy is not just mommy in it's family tree. I would cut this freak a break for a bit, and see just how it turns out.
I did like the 'maecuffism' though, I may have to use it in the future, especially if you start reaching for the shovel... :)

P.S. You do know that s/he/it's online name can be altered easily. Take out the L and this would explain a lot. FuxIt, I mean Fluxit does anything that moves (except hated females) :^)

Disclaimer: This is a message posted to Maecuff only. Anyone else should not read this or interpret bad things in any way shape or form. If you violate this then I dont want to hear about it. If you do post something then F.O., as I dont care. :^0

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