Character Recognition

By aneuhart ·
My company recieves a monthly commission report that we want to convert into an Excel document.

I am looking for a good application to use on the scanned reports to accurately grab the text so that it can be pasted into Excel.

I have tried OmniPage and ABBYY OCR software and so far ABBYY comes closest but still isn't very accurate. Sometimes numbers with decimals have spaces that shouldn't be there.

Is there anything out there that might do a better job?

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They are all iffy on occasion

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Character Recognition

Personally I'd just ring up the report writers and ask for it in an electronic format.

Anything else is a waste of time and effort.

OCR's do, do better with different fonts. But no one is going to be impressed with the one they use in cheque books.

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Agree--though some can 'learn'

by Maevinn In reply to They are all iffy on occa ...

If you have the time, Omni can be 'taught' on standard fonts, but it requries a lot of work, going through the document each time to make corrections and train the system. Getting it in an electronic version would be far easier!

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Yep and just after you get it right

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Agree--though some can 'l ...

someone important, decides that all reports look naff in sans serif and chooses garamond.

Right, this is an a ....

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Data Junction

by puppybreath In reply to Character Recognition

Try Data Junction and Content Extractor from Pervasive software.

Content Extractor can parse the data out of the report file and Data Junction allows you to manipulate/convert the data into whatever format you desire. It can actually build the Excel spreadsheet during the conversion so you don't have to go through the import process in Excel.

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