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Chart+PowerPoint in ASP.Net?

By jaisonmit ·
i want to know how i can read the data form database(SQL Server) and display the data in a chart (Simple Bar Graph) and if the viewer satisfies that data, save that graph in a new slide in Power Point?

is it is possible?
need help

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by ganesh In reply to Chart+PowerPoint in ASP.N ...

I know Excel has a .net Component. But am not sure if powerpoint has one too. if it is then you should be able to use it.

A roundabout way could be
have a auto macro in a powerpoint file to read data from an ext source. Make this macro load upon opening the powerpoint file. The macro also include an way to do a saveas without the macro and close itself.

The above method does not need any .net interop for powerpoint. There might be some locking issue though when more than one session tries opening the powerpoint.

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by dawgit In reply to Chart+PowerPoint in ASP.N ...

I think that you are either trying to do too much at once, or trying to skip some steps here. I'm not sure which, or both? First, you want data retrival from your SQL data base(#1),( requiring a SQL-Query? (then #1.5), then you want it to be formated in a, as a, graph / chart form (#2). Then you want that chart as part of a 'Power-Point Presentation' (#3). Am I correct so far? What we have here is a mix of programs that don't quite mix (oil & water) Some of what you want is do-able of course, the sticky part is the 'Power-Point'. Power-Point is a program made (up) to do presentations of data that you have assembled in logical order in a file. That info is set (as in final) then displayed in the manor you have programed it do. (for presentations, ie: training, product presentations ect.) It is not ment to be a live monitor of data, or performance. I think what you want here is a SQL-Query program / process that will give you a display (and as a chart) But, since you infer that the info might be changing from time to time, 'Power-Point' is not your solution. I know that doesn't help you directly, I hope it gives you a new direction to get where you want to go. I will do a little more 'home-work' on this myself, and try to get back to you.

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by dawgit In reply to

Of course if you just wanted the chart for the 'Power-Point', you would just do the same as any other 'Excell' item or chart, and insert it where you want. 1st step though is get data in Excell form your SQL, then once you have that as an 'Excell' program, have it displayed as a chart, than save to an empty or new file, then import to your 'Power-Point'. ...as I said, step-by-step.

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by fabricator In reply to Chart+PowerPoint in ASP.N ...

SQL Server reporting Services is probably your best bet, but I have an alternative if that's not an option. It's crude, but it works.

First construct the queries you want in SQL server. Then, create an Excel spreadsheet and import (actually a link) each query as data into one worksheet per query. Next, create a chart on the worksheet (not as separate chart) that uses the linked data and format it as desired. Finally, copy and paste this chart as an Excel object into a Powerpoint slide.

The resulting chart will be more or less "live", but refreshing data is up to the user. To do so you have to double-click the chart while in Powerpoint and accept the update prompt.

If you need any further detail, just reply back.

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by jrbethke In reply to Chart+PowerPoint in ASP.N ...

Checkout Dundas's PPTChart package. Does exactly what you want.

The example is for a windows form, but there is no reason you couldn't use it with ASP.net

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