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Chasing My Tail?

By webmaster ·
I am nearing 50. My current career looks to be dissolving in the next few years. I was considering embarking on a A+/MCSE certification track (a friend working as an IT manager suggested this). After reading the article " Heed this advice before seeking certification," I'm wondering if it would be all for naught. I really don't think this late in the game that college is an option for me. I'm open for suggestions.

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Take It To The Lord.

by jardinier In reply to Chasing My Tail?

Please believe me when I say that no sarcasm is intended, but I can't help suggesting that you visit your own website where you will see the suggestion: "Take it to the Lord in prayer."

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Amen to that!

by GuruOfDos In reply to Take It To The Lord.

I was thinking along those lines myself! Sometimes a little 'divine intervention' works wonders!

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Not the best time for this,

by road-dog In reply to Chasing My Tail?

I cannot stress enough the lack of job prospects in this field right now. I'm not trying to dissuade you, but to inform you.

I believe that any computer training will not be in vain. I think your best way to go will be to somehow combine IT withyour existing skillset and find a niche market for your services.

IT does not operate in a vacuum. The technology is harnessed by other pursuits. This being the case, you may be able to capitalize on your existing resume by servicing or selling software tailored for your current industry.

Don't do IT just to do IT.

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It depends

by timwalsh In reply to Chasing My Tail?

As suggested by otheres, the IT job market is not as it once used to be. This doesn't necessarily mean it has dried up though. Before you commit yourself down any specific career path, you need to research what the job availablitly is in your area(or any area you are willing to move to).

Because the availability of jobs in the IT field has tightened, employers can afford to be more selective when it comes to the employees they hire. Gone are the days when a certification was the key to high-paying jobs. Many employers also got burned by the "paper certification" phenomena. These days, employers are more likely to look at education and experience than just what certifications you have.

The upside to all this is that IT is hereto stay. There wil;l always be a need for someone who has the knowledge and skills to fix computers/networks/software/etc.

My suggestion: If you are confident that IT is the path you want to follow, look for entry level positions and gain experience. As you are gaining experience, try for one or more certifications. Eventually you will have the right combination that will be irresistable to the employer of your dreams.

Hope this helps.

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Exp + Certs + Ed + Mobility = Security

by davidpmartin In reply to Chasing My Tail?

The things that caught my eye on this post was your age and your e-mail moniker. As a 49 year old Christian myself, prayer is important, but sometimes you have to add skin to your prayers. I retired from the military almost 8 years ago (from a non-technical military career), and have done eight very well paying IT jobs across the IT spectrum - moving only when I wanted to - in good and bad times. I attribute my success to having the proper attitude, looking forward, and keeping up with my certifications, along with knowing the right hiring managers. Since 1994 I have worked as a logistics analyst, web developer, system administrator, network administrator, network security engineer and now as a senior system analyst. I have used each job as a springboard to the next - doing the best job I can in each, getting the certs that relate to the job I am in and the next job I want, and joining various professional organizations to maintain contacts in the IT business. Now I am going to finish my Cisco recerts, then move all of these certs and experience into an ACCREDITED on-line college where after 7 more classes I will have a four year IT degree. I don't think it is EVER too late to go back to college. Do I have an MCSE? Yes - butI haven't updated it since NT 4.0. But the MCSE would be a good thing to have. The A+? I would NOT recommend it - unless you want to be pegged as a computer tech the rest of your life. Why am I willing to finish my IT degree? - so I don't have tokeep doing recertification every 3 years or when the O/S upgrades - I'm getting a little tired of it. Bottom line: Keep expanding your horizons, get to know the key IT people in your area, and if you want to stay in this field, keep learning.
Hopethis helps.

Dave Martin, CCNA, CCNP, CCDA, CCDP, Network+, MCSE(and abcefg and a partridge in a pear tree:-)

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