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Chat Monitor for Children? (Trillian specifically)

By rkruz ·
Id like to be able to monitor the Trillian chat traffic from a single childs computer on a home LAN (has several other computers). Is there software that can be installed stealthly on the childs pc and report either by website or by emails both size of a chat? Windows XP.
Any thoughts appreciated!

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Net Nanny

by ken In reply to Chat Monitor for Children ...

I sell and install Net Nanny on my custmers computers. I don't know about your specific chat site but it is an excellent program. You can download a trial from them http://www.netnanny.com/ and see if it works for you. It also controls many other things that you might want them to not see.
You can buy it at my site http://www.meditlondon.com/netnanny.htm

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Here are a few I've tested:

by CaptBilly1Eye In reply to Chat Monitor for Children ...

Windows Supervisor (Free Trial avail.)

IMMonitor (Free Trial avail.):

A popular one is NetNanny (Free Trial avail.):

The most complete (and most expensive) solution is WebWatcher:

Good Luck with the Good Fight!

<edited for blasted typos>

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eBlaster is the most powerful and most stealthy

by robo_dev In reply to Here are a few I've teste ...

eBlaster 5.0 is very very powerful, virtually impossible to detect, and can do some very powerful things such as sending email alerts on keywords and even activate or deactivate via keywords sent in email to user.


It's not cheap, but if you read the feature list, you'll see that it can do a whole lot.

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Why Stealthily?

by Bizzo In reply to Chat Monitor for Children ...

If you're going to install it on a childs PC, why the need to install it stealthily?

Install netnanny, or one of the numerous packages suggested.
Lock down their account, so they cannot uninstall or disable the software.

And that's it, surely?

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