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      Re: ChatGPT

      by kees_b ·

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      There’s a lot of talk about it, indeed. Probably because it’s new and interesting, certainly important for big tech and big money, and probably will have far-reaching influences on the society.

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      Reply To: ChatGPT

      by birdmantd ·

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      Simply put, it is a major, new development and they are trying to get a strong foothold in the ever-evolving market. Who would have believed AOL would still be up and running after almost 40 years?

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      ChatGPT is an incredible AI-powered chatbot.

      by SameekshaM ·

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      ChatGPT is well-known worldwide for simulating human conversations. Besides a chatbot, it has more to offer.

      Here are the best use cases of ChatGPT that have made it a versatile tool:
      1. Research Assistant: Trained with vast datasets, ChatGPT provides information in one place by gathering it from various sources.
      2. Answer Questions: Provides straightforward and uncluttered answers to questions and respond to various language inputs.
      3. High-Performing copies: Whether writing an essay, email copy, marketing campaign copy, landing page copy, or any other, ChatGPT generates in seconds.
      4. Generate Code: It can generate code snippets for various problems in minutes. For instance, if you enter the prompt ‘Generate the code in Python to reverse a string’, you get the code snippet.
      5. Debug Code: Besides generating code, ChatGPT can detect errors in code and fix them.

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