Cheap 1080P Television/Monitor?

By Draygonia ·
I am looking around for a television for watching TV and also so I can surf the web and play games on. What would be a good television to get? How big of a screen would I need? I currently have a 24" Westinghouse and I wanted to get something bigger that I could wall mount.

Tips? How should I go about selecting a new screen?

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by Bapster In reply to Cheap 1080P Television/Mo ...

Make sure it has the inputs (VGA, HDMI, etc)
you need to connect the devices you want to connect, and within your budget. I just purchased a 32" Vizio, and I am satisfied with it.

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You'll also need a Video Card that supports the required TV Input

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Cheap 1080P Television/Mo ...

Just remember that TV doesn't have as high screen resolution as Computer Monitors so they can not display to the same quality.


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Well it really depends

by IC-IT In reply to You'll also need a Video ...

My new toy - Samsung LNB750 can display 1920 x 1080 and can push a full 1080P. I think that has enough quality for me ;-) :-)

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I think I'm envious.

by Ron K. In reply to Well it really depends

I wonder how far away you are from that if you're using that as a computer monitor.

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mostly as a HTPC

by IC-IT In reply to I think I'm envious.

And then I am about 8 feet back (52 inch screen). I have heard of gamers sitting as close as 3 feet (must be overwhelming).

Our old Sony (circa 2000) was dying, so it was time to get with the 21st Century. We also got our first Blue ray player, I still can't get over the picture quality.

Only had it since New Years eve. The next step will be to share some folders and test the network streaming to the Sammie.

Ethernet over power lines is setup and working nicely to both the Sammie and the BD.

I should take a week off work just to play. ;-)

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That must appear huge.

by Ron K. In reply to mostly as a HTPC
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by CodeCurmudgeon In reply to You'll also need a Video ...

The last time I went monitor shopping there weren't many computer monitors which would exceed 1080p resolution, and at that most considerably exceed the screen resolution I can use without getting nose prints on the screen. . .

It's got to be an awfully big monitor for even 1080 x 1920 to be usable 'cause anything bitmaped gets really small. . .

I just scanned down Tiger's monitor listings and spotted exactly one 25" + monitor which exceeded 1080p.

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by TheChas In reply to Cheap 1080P Television/Mo ...

I bought a 28" Hannspree from Costco that we are very happy with.

It does have a VGA input on it that makes it compatible for computer use.

I will note that some people who bought this model were not happy that the VGA configuration was not the full 1080P. I think the maximum resolution is 1600*1200 or something like that.

As to size, look at where you have space for the TV and consider how close you will sit. A 30 to 45 degree field of view from where you sit should be more than wide enough for theater realist viewing. Any wider may not be worth the extra cost. Your budget and the actual space available may limit you to a smaller screen.

If you are wall mounting the TV, don't mount it up any higher than the center of the screen lines up with your line of site from a comfortable seat. If you have to tilt your head up to see the screen it will be hard on your neck and lead to fatigue.

Many years ago, a TV service magazine stated that all TVs were effectively 19" sets. That is, people sat either nearer or closer to the screen in order to get the equivalent of a 19" screen for field of view.


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